New Hampshire
Secretary of State

State IA Filing Requirements

Opening or Closing of a New Hampshire Branch

No fee.  Notification by letter must be sent directly to the Bureau prior to the opening of and immediately after the closing of a New Hampshire branch office of an investment adviser.  Include the branch manager's name, social security number, branch address, telephone number and date of opening or closing. 

Branch Office Definition 

RSA 421-B:1-102... 

5(A) "Branch office" means: 

     (i)  With regard to an investment adviser, any location other than the main office, identified by any means to broker-dealers or other investment advisers or to the public, customers or clients as a location at which an investment adviser conducts an investment advisory business. 


State IA Filing Requirements

Name Changes

State IA Name Changes

If any investment adviser changes its name, it must file for an amended license.  In order to effect the amendment, please submit the following directly to the Bureau: 

  1. Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation which effected the name change (or other similar documents filed with the state of organization, such as amended LP, LLC or LLP documents).
  2. Provide a list of each agent licensed in the State of New Hampshire along with CRD number on the date that the name change filing was made with the state of organization.  The fees may be combined into one check that should be payable to the State of New Hampshire.
  3. An amended Form ADV which reflects the new name.  This document should be submitted through Web IARD. 

Upon receipt of the above by this Bureau, an amended license will be issued. 


State IA Filing Requirements


Amendments to Form ADV

These filings may be submitted through Web IARD. 


No fee.  Submit Form ADV Schedule C, through Web IARD. 


No fee.  Submit amended pages of Form ADV.  Submit amendments through Web IARD.  Until such time as Web IARD can accept Part II filing submit those directly to the Bureau.  If a New Hampshire branch opens or closes or information changes, notice of such opening, closing, change of address or change of supervisor must be submitted directly to the Bureau in a letter containing the required information. 


State IA Filing Requirements

Mass Transfers

State IA Mass Transfers

A mass transfer of agents from one investment adviser to another results in amended agents' licenses.  Prior to the mass transfer, the investment adviser must submit a list of all agents to be transferred, including their social security numbers, and a fee of $25 per agent to be transferred directly to the Bureau.  The check should be payable to the State of New Hampshire.


State IA Filing Requirements

Financial Information

State IA Financial Information Filing Requirement

No fee is required. 

State IA's that have their principal place of business in a state other than New Hampshire must be in compliance with their home state financial requirement. 

State IA's with their principal place of business in New Hamphire must submit: 

  1. Within 90 days from the investment adviser's fiscal year end, the investment adviser must submit, directly to the Bureau, an audited balance sheet if the investment adviser is required by Form ADV to have one prepared (if it has custody of client funds or securities or if it collects fees of $500 per client 6 or more months in advance - RSA 421-B:4-411(b)(14).
  2. If a surprise examination of clients' funds and securites is required because the investment adviser has custody of client funds and/or securities, a copy of the report of examination must be promptly filed with the Bureau - RSA 421-B:5-502-A.