New Hampshire
Secretary of State

Professional Bondsmen

Professional Bondsman Registration Checklist


Submit directly to the Bureau:  

  1. Initial application fee of $400 (checks payable to the State of New Hampshire).
  2. Fee(s) of $100 for registration in each county of the state where a professional bondsman seeks to post bail.
  3. The Professional Bondsman Application form completed to disclose:
    • Full name, home address and business address of the applicant.
    • If the applicant is an employee of a professional bondsman, the full name and business address of the employer.
    • A personal financial statement of the applicant.
    • Thumbprints of the applicant.
    • Description of all arrests and convictions of the applicant which have not been annulled by a court of law.
    • Description of fidelity bond covering the applicant.
    • Description of any licenses previously issued or denied to the applicant by the New Hampshire Insurance Department.
    • Description of any licenses issued or denied to the applicant by the insurance department of any other state.
    • Description of any other licenses ever issued or denied to the applicant relative to the bail bond business by any government agency.
    • Description of the applicant's experience in law enforcement or law enforcement related occupations.
  4. Passport-size picture of the applicant.
  5. Criminal Records Release Form.
  6. A general power of attorney from a surety company licensed to write bail bonds in New Hampshire.
  7. The original $10,000 fidelity bond, written by a company not engaged in the bail bond business.
  8. Form U-2.  Consent to Service of Process.
  9. Copy of the applicant's New Hampshire property and liability insurance license.