New Hampshire
Secretary of State


Abbott, Gary(The Associated General Contractors Of NH)

Abbott, Will(Society For The Protection Of NH Forests)

Alcorn, Walter(Consumer Technology Assoc)

Antrobus, Andrew(Pfizer Inc)

Ardinger, William(Fidelity Investments)

Arroyo, Cooley(Casella Waste Systems Inc)


Baker, Kyle(American Express)

Baker, Kyle(American Petroleum Institute)

Baker, Kyle(Anthem)

Baker, Kyle(Arrow Internation)

Baker, Kyle(Bedford Ambulatory Surgery Center)

Baker, Kyle(Coakley Landfill Group)

Baker, Kyle(Comcast)

Baker, Kyle(Cooperative Credit Union Assoc)

Baker, Kyle(Dartmouth College)

Baker, Kyle(Dog Owners Of The Granite State)

Baker, Kyle(Draftkings Inc)

Baker, Kyle(Enbridge)

Baker, Kyle(Eversource)

Baker, Kyle(Explore Information Services)

Baker, Kyle(Fanduel Inc)

Baker, Kyle(Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce)

Baker, Kyle(LYFT)

Baker, Kyle(National Sports Shooting Foundation)

Baker, Kyle(NH Alliance Of Boys And Girls Clubs Inc)

Baker, Kyle(NH Independent Schools)

Baker, Kyle(NH Off Highway Vehicle Assoc)

Baker, Kyle(NH Wildlife Federation)

Baker, Kyle(Pharmaceuticals LLP)

Baker, Kyle(RAI Services Company)

Baker, Kyle(Travel Technology Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(Addendum C)

Barry, Curtis(Cigar Assoc Of NH)

Barry, Curtis(Gordon Darby)

Barry, Curtis(Grover Gaming)

Barry, Curtis(Microsoft Corp)

Barry, Curtis(Motorola Solutions Inc)

Barry, Curtis(NH Optometric Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(NH Retail Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(NH Transit Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(Northeast Retail Lumber Assoc)

Bedrick, Jason(Edchoice)

Belken, Palana(ACLU)

Bellis, Marvin(Eversource Energy)

Bennett, Daniel(New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Assoc)

Berke, Bruce(Addendum C)

Berke, Bruce(Altria Client Services LLA And Its Affiliats)

Berke, Bruce(American Staffing Assoc)

Berke, Bruce(Anheuser Busch Companies LLC)

Berke, Bruce(Associated Builders And Contractors Inc)

Berke, Bruce(Electrical Contractors Business Assoc)

Berke, Bruce(Equifax)

Berke, Bruce(Hospital Corporation Of America Portsmouth Reg. Hosp And Parkland)

Berke, Bruce(Long Bay Association II)

Berke, Bruce(National Federation Of Independent Business)

Berke, Bruce(National Grid)

Berke, Bruce(New England Convenience Store And Energy Marketers Assoc)

Berke, Bruce(New Hampshire Lodging And Restaurant Assoc)

Berke, Bruce(Nextera Energy Seabrook Station)

Berke, Bruce(NH Association Of Chiefs Of Police)

Berke, Bruce(NH Land Surveyors Assoc)

Berke, Bruce(Northeast Delta Dental)

Berke, Bruce(Polaris)

Berke, Bruce(Professional Insurance Agents Of New Hampshire)

Berke, Bruce(Schoolcare Health Benefit Plans Of NH School Health Care Coalition)

Berke, Bruce(Ski NH)

Berke, Bruce(South Down Shores Recreation Assoc)

Berke, Bruce(Unitil)

Berke, Bruce(Verizon)

Berry, Elliott(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Berry, Jacob(New Futures Inc)

Best, Robert(CLM)

Best, Robert(CLM) (2)

Best, Robert(New Hampshire Medical Society Amend)

Best, Robert(New Hampshire Medical Society)

Bianco Jr., James(Burgess Bio Power LLC)

Bianco Jr., James(Cubic Corporation)

Bianco Jr., James(ISO New England Inc)

Bianco Jr., James(NH Assoc Of School Principals)

Bianco Jr., James(NH Dental Society)

Bianco Jr., James(NH Marine Trades Assoc)

Bianco Jr., James(Select Management Resource LLC Loan Max)

Bianco Jr., James(Solar Micronics Inc)

Biemer, Andrew(IBEW Local 490)

Biemer, Andrew(New Venture Fund)

Birchard, Melissa(Conservation Law Foundation)

Bishop, Thomas(BAE Systems)

Bissonnette, Gilles(ACLU)


Blaisdell, Robert(Alzheimers Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(American Board Of Medical Specialties)

Blaisdell, Robert(Bank Of America)

Blaisdell, Robert(Centene Corporation)

Blaisdell, Robert(Comcast)

Blaisdell, Robert(Consumer Healthcare Products Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(Eversource)

Blaisdell, Robert(Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund)

Blaisdell, Robert(Fedex)

Blaisdell, Robert(International Bottled Water Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(Mortgage Bankers And Brokers Assoc Of NH)

Blaisdell, Robert(New England Pest Management Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Association Of Assessing Officials)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Athletic Trainers Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH City And Town Clerks Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Court Reporters Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Driver Education Teachers Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Golf Course Superintendents Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Motor Speedway)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Police Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Speech Language Hearing Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Tax Collectors Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Troopers Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Wine And Spirits Brokers Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(North Country Environmental Serv)

Blaisdell, Robert(RAI Services Company)

Blaisdell, Robert(Tufts Health Freedom Plan Insurance Co)

Blaisdell, Robert(Walmart Stores Inc)

Blasidell, Robert(Addendum C)

Bocour, Nicola(Giffords)

Bodwell, Erica(Northeast Delta Dental)

Bordeker, Mckayne(New England Citizens For Right To Work)

Bosiak, Sara(Aggregate Manufacturers Of NH)

Bouley, Dick(American Physical Therapists Assoc NH Chapter)

Bouley, Dick(Atlas Advanced Pyrotechnics)

Bouley, Dick(COG Railway)

Bouley, Dick(Diamond Distributors)

Bouley, Dick(NH Opticians Society)

Bouley, Dick(NH Veterinary Medical Assoc)

Bouley, Dick(Outfront Media)

Bouley, Dick(Senior Nutrition Network Of NH)

Bouley, Dick(Teamsters Local 633)

Bouley, Dick(UNH AAUP)

Bouley, Jim(3M Company)

Bouley, Jim(ACEC NH)

Bouley, Jim(American Coatings Assoc)

Bouley, Jim(Community Support Network Inc)

Bouley, Jim(Conduent)

Bouley, Jim(Intralot Inc)

Bouley, Jim(NH Automobile Dealers Assoc)

Bouley, Jim(North Country Environmental Services Inc)

Bouley, Jim(Outfront Media)

Bourcier, Chris(New Hampshire Community Loan Fund)

Bourque, Kevin(Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Of America)

Brackett, Glenn(New Hampshire AFL CIO)

Bradley, Matthew(Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp)

Bragdon, Peter(Addendum C)

Bragdon, Peter(America Votes)

Bragdon, Peter(American Civil Liberties Union)

Bragdon, Peter(Harvard Pilgrim Health Care)

Bragdon, Peter(Kologik)

Bragdon, Peter(New Hampshire Automobile Dealers)

Bragdon, Peter(Sixteen Thirty Fund)

Bragdon, Peter(Theatre Owners Of New England)

Bragdon, Peter(Wellpath Care)

Bray, Stephanie(New Hampshire Legal Assistance) Copy

Brown, Gail(NH Oral Health Coalition)

Brown, Marc(Corecivic Of Tennessee)

Brown, Marc(New England Ratepayers Assoc)

Brown, Marc(The Alliance Of Automobile Manufactureres)

Buchanan, Christopher(Walmart Inc)

Buchanan, Kelly(NH Lakes New Hampshire Lakes Assoc)

Burnett, James(Addendum C)

Burnett, James(AT T)

Burnett, James(Centene Corp)

Burnett, James(Eversource)

Byrnes, Margaret(New Hampshire Municipal Assoc)


Calabrese, Ashley(Novartis Services Inc)

Callahan, Kevin(Computing Technology Industry Assoc)

Campbell, David(New Hampshire Northcoast Corp)

Chaffee, Devon(ACLU)

Chase, Marissa(NH Association Of Justice)

Christina, Barrett(NH School Boards Assoc)

Cipolla, Chris(Draftkings Inc)

Clark, Tyler(American Physical Therapists Assoc NH Chapter)

Clark, Tyler(Diamond Distributors)

Clark, Tyler(NH Automobile Dealers Assoc)

Clark, Tyler(NH Opticians Society)

Clark, Tyler(NH Veterinary Medical Assoc)

Clegg, Robert(Biotechnology Innovation Organization)

Clegg, Robert(Decriminalize Sex Work)

Clegg, Robert(Granite Case Management)

Clegg, Robert(Injured Workers Pharmacy)

Clegg, Robert(National Association Of Professional Employer Organizations)

Clegg, Robert(New Hampshire Camp Directors Assoc)

Clegg, Robert(New Hampshire Campground Owners Assoc)

Clegg, Robert(New Hampshire Coalition Against The Death Penalty)

Clegg, Robert(Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment)

Clock, Kerry(Rights And Democracy NH)

Colantuono, Thomas(Burgess Bio Power LLC)

Colantuono, Thomas(Select Management Resources LLC Loan Max)

Cole, Katherine(Tufts Health Freedom Plan)

Collins, Daniel(New England Power Generators Assoc)

Collins, David(American Express)

Collins, David(American Petroleum Institute)

Collins, David(Anthem)

Collins, David(Arrow International)

Collins, David(Bedford Ambulatory Surgery Center)

Collins, David(Coakley Landfill Group)

Collins, David(Comcast)

Collins, David(Cooperative Credit Union Assoc)

Collins, David(Dartmouth College)

Collins, David(Dog Owners Of The Granite State)

Collins, David(Draftkings Inc)

Collins, David(Enbridge)

Collins, David(Eversource)

Collins, David(Explore Information Services)

Collins, David(Fanduel Inc)

Collins, David(Fidelity Investments)

Collins, David(Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce)

Collins, David(LYFT)

Collins, David(National Sports Shooting Foundation)

Collins, David(NH Alliance Of Boys And Girls Clubs Inc)

Collins, David(NH Independent Schools)

Collins, David(NH Off Highway Vehicle Assoc)

Collins, David(NH Wildlife Federation)

Collins, David(Oracle America Inc)

Collins, David(Parsons Environmental)

Collins, David(Pharmaceuticals LLP)

Collins, David(RAI Services Company)

Collins, David(Travel Technology Assoc)

Connolly, Ross(Americans For Prosperity)

Cooper, Alison(American Property Casualty Insurance Assoc)

Corkery, Catherine(NH Chapter Of The Sierra Club)

Coronis, Kimberly(Breathe New Hampshire)

Corriveau, Kevin Garth(ISO New England Inc)

Corriveau, Kevin Garth(NH Dental Society)

Corriveau, Kevin Garth(Select Management Resources LLC Loan Max)

Corriveau, Kevin Garth(Solar Micronics Inc)

Cox, Hannah(Equal Justice USA)

Craigue, Tristin(Cranite Pathways)

Crawford, Bruce(Autos And Trucks Recyclers Of NH)

Cunningham, William(Ameresco Inc)

Cuzzi, David(3M)

Cuzzi, David(Addendum C)

Cuzzi, David(BAE Systems)

Cuzzi, David(Sig Sauer)


Dallesandro, Christina(Moms Rising Together)

Dean, Mark(New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Inc)

Dejoie, John(Waypoint)

Demers, James(Addendum C)

Demers, James(Alzheimers Assoc)

Demers, James(American Board Of Medical Specialties)

Demers, James(Astellas Phrma US Inc)

Demers, James(Bank Of America)

Demers, James(Centene Corporation)

Demers, James(Comcast)

Demers, James(Consumer Healthcare Products Assoc)

Demers, James(Eversource)

Demers, James(Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund)

Demers, James(Fedex)

Demers, James(Greenwich Biosciences Inc)

Demers, James(International Bottled Water Assoc)

Demers, James(Johnson And Johnson Services Inc)

Demers, James(Mortgage Bankers And Brokers Assoc Of NH)

Demers, James(New England Pest Management Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Association Of Assessing Officials)

Demers, James(NH Athletic Trainers Assoc)

Demers, James(NH City And Town Clerks Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Court Reporters Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Driver Education Teachers Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Golf Course Superintendents Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Motor Speedway)

Demers, James(NH Police Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Speech Language Hearing Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Tax Collectors Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Troopers Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Wine And Spirits Brokers Assoc)

Demers, James(North Country Environmental Serv)

Demers, James(Pfizer)

Demers, James(Phrma)

Demers, James(RAI Services Company)

Demers, James(Tufts Health Freedom Plan Insurance Co)

Demers, James(Walmart Stores Inc)

Dennehy, Michael(Altria Client Services)

Dennehy, Michael(Concord Hospital Concord Regional Healthcare)

Dennehy, Michael(NH Automobile Dealers Assoc)

Dennehy, Michael(Special Olympics NH)

Desantis, Erin(American Chemistry Council)

Dietel, Robert(Drivetrain LLC)

Dietel, Robert(Exeter Trust Company)

Dietel, Robert(Fidelity Institutional Asset Management Trust Comp)

Dietel, Robert(Home Builders And Remodelers Assoc Of NH)

Dietel, Robert(Market Street Trust Company)

Dietel, Robert(New Hampshire Bankers Assoc)

Dietel, Robert(Vantage Trust Company)

Dolan, Dan(New England Power Generators Assoc)

Donnelly, Michael(Home School Legal Defense Assoc)

Dube, Jennifer(Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund)

Dunn Jr., Robert(Addendum C)

Dunn Jr., Robert(Brain Injury Association)

Dunn Jr., Robert(Catholic Medical Center)

Dunn Jr., Robert(Greater Nashua Chamber Of Commerce)

Dunn Jr., Robert(New Hampshire Health Care Assoc)

Dunn Jr., Robert(New Hampshire Library Assoc)

Dunn Jr., Robert(New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Assoc)

Dunn Jr., Robert(New Hampshire Nurses Assoc)

Dunn Jr., Robert(NH Catholic Charities)

Dunn Jr., Robert(NH Public Risk Management (Primex3))

Dunn Jr., Robert(Roman Catholic Bishop Of Manchester)

Dunn, Robert(North Country Healthcare)

Durkin, James(AFSCME Council 93)

Dustin, Sarah Mattson(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)


Eichen, Adam(Equal Citizens Foundation)

Eichen, Adam(Equal Citizens Foundation) (2)

Elliott, Samantha(Addendum C)

Elliott, Samantha(Motion Picture Assoc Of America)

Elliott, Samantha(PRIMEX)

Eskeland, Jessica(New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic And Sexual Violence)

Fahey, Thomas(New Hampshire Banker Association)

Fahey, Todd(AARP New Hampshire)

Fedorchak, Jeffrey(Trugreen)

Fennessey, Nathan(American International Group)

Fife, Christopher(Weyerhaeuser Company)

Fisher, Joshua(Association Of Global Automakers Inc)

Fisher, Matt(Consumer Technology Association)

Flynn, Kevin(Business And Industry Assoc)

Fortier, Timothy(New Hampshire Municipal Assoc)

Fox, Kathy Corey(Addendum C)

Fox, Kathy Corey(Club Motorsports Inc)

Fox, Kathy Corey(Great River Hydro LLC)

Fox, Kathy Corey(Marsys Law For NH)

Fox, Kathy Corey(Martingnetti Companies Of NH)

Fox, Kathy Corey(UBER Technologies)

Francer, Jeffrey(Association For Accessible Medicines)

Freeman, Sarah(New Hampshire Alcohol And Other Drug Providers Assoc)

Frew, Jerome(New Hampshire School Administrators Assoc)

Frey, Kate(New Futures Inc)

Frizzell, Jennifer(NH Womens Foundation)

Fuhr, Gretchen(Exelon Generation Company LLC)

Funk, W. John(Drivetrain LLC)

Funk, W. John(Exeter Trust Company)

Funk, W. John(Fidelity Institutional Asset Management Trust Comp)

Funk, W. John(Market Street Trust Company)

Funk, W. John(New Hampshire Bankers Assoc)

Funk, W. John(Vantage Trust Company)

Gamache, Donna(Eversource Energy)

Gates, Melissa(Surfrider Foundationa)

Gcglaw Realty(Addendum C)

Gibson, Ashley(The College Board)

Giuffre, Mark(UPS)

Gorman, Margaret(American Chemistry Council)

Gossett, Kelley(Uber Technologies Inc)

Gove, James(Eversource Energy)

Graml, Paul(Glaxosmithkline PLC)

Greyes, Natch(New Hampshire Municipal Assoc)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Addendum C)

Grimbilas, Jodi(American Cancers Society Cancer Action Network)

Grimbilas, Jodi(American Chemistry Council)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Bridgewater Power Company LLP)

Grimbilas, Jodi(CVS Health)

Grimbilas, Jodi(D G Whitefield)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Engie North America Inc)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Indeck Energy Services Inc)

Grimbilas, Jodi(National Assoc Of Insurance And Financial Advisors NH Chapter)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Assoc Of Realtors)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Beverage Assoc)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Snowmobile Assoc)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Resolve New England)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Riverstone Claims Management LLC)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Select Management Resources Inc)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Service Now)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Springfield Power)

Grimbilas, Jodi(T Mobile USA)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Water Sports Industry Assoc)

Grimm, Issac(Rights And Democracy)

Grip, Brian(Bank Of America Corporation)

Grover, Molly(Rights And Democracy)

Guinta, Frank(1St Alliance Lending)

Guinta, Frank(Granite Recovery Centers)

Guinta, Frank(Karl Storz Endoscope America Inc)

Gulla, Rich(SEA SEIU Local 1984)


Habacker, Neil(Cornerstone Action)

Habbe, Stephen(American Diabetes Assoc)

Hackman, Andrew(Carpet And Rug Institute)

Hackman, Andrew(Distilled Spirits Council Of The United States)

Hackman, Andrew(Truegreen)

Hale, Ryan(New Hampshire Bankers Association)

Haley, Pierce(Carpet And Rug Institute)

Haley, Pierce(Trugreen)

Haley,Pierce(Distilled Spirits Council Of The United States)

Hallemeier, Sam(Express Scripts Holding Co)

Hamrick, Lindsay(The Humane Society Of The United States)

Hanson, Lindsay(Save The Children Action Network)

Harrell, Joshua(Merck Sharp And Dohme Corp)

Hatem, James(State Farm Insurance Co)

Hatem, James(State Farm Insurance Companies)

Hatfield, Meredith(Conservation Law Foundation)

Hawes, Ellen(Acadia Center)

Hawkins, Brian(SEU SEIU Local 1984)

Heimarck, Nicole(The NH School Boards Assoc)

Herr, Chris(New Hampshire Camp Directors Assoc)

Herr, Chris(New Hampshire Campground Owners Assoc)

Herr, Chris(Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment)

Hicks, Karen(Civix Strategy Group LLC)

Hodgdon, Christopher(Comcast Nbcuniversal)

Holahan, Carol(Brookfield Renewable Energy Marketing US LLC)

Horgan, Kathryn(Calpine)

Horgan, Kathryn(Ceres)

Horgan, Kathryn(Elliot Health System)

Horgan, Kathryn(Granite Shore Power)

Horgan, Kathryn(New England Power Generators Assoc)

Horgan, Kathryn(New Hampshire Assoc Of Counties)

Horgan, Kathryn(New Hampshire Transmission LLC)

Horgan, Kathryn(Nextera Energy Resources LLC)

Horgan, Kathryn(North American Power)

Horgan, Kathryn(Reenergy Holdings LLC)

Hosmer, Andrew(Addendum C)

Hosmer, Andrew(America Votes)

Hosmer, Andrew(American Civil Liberties Union)

Hosmer, Andrew(Harvard Pilgrim Health Care)

Hosmer, Andrew(Kologik)

Hosmer, Andrew(New Hampshire Automobile Dealers)

Hosmer, Andrew(Sixteen Thirty Fund)

Hosmer, Andrew(Theatre Owners Of New England)

Hosmer, Andrew(Wellpath Care)

Houde, Matthew(Dartmouth Hitchcock)

Hounsell, Wiliam(Granite State Rural Water Assoc)

Hounsell, William(City Of Berlin)

Hounsell, William(Conway Village Fire District)

Hounsell, William(Lower Bartlett Water Precinct)

Hounsell, William(North Conway Water Precinct)

Hruska, Jeanne(ACLU)

Irwin, Thomas(Conservation Law Foundation)

Iserman, Katrina(Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc)

Jacobs Brett, Kaytlynn(Cubic Corporation)

Jacobs Brett, Kaytlynn(ISO New England Inc)

Jacobs Brett, Kaytlynn(NH Dental Society)

Jacobs Brett, Kaytlynn(NH Marine Trades Assoc)

Jacobs Brett, Kaytlynn(Select Management Resources LLC Loan Max)

Jacobsen, Cody(Civix Strategy Group LLC)

Jasina, Erin(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Jay, Christopher(Cornerstone Action)

Johnston, Cordell(New Hampshire Municipal Assoc)

Juvet, David(Business And Industry Assoc)

Kaman, Dan(Corecivic Inc)

Karoutas, Periklis(Balanced Budget Amendment Inc)

Karoutas, Periklis(Biotechnology Innovation Organization)

Karoutas, Periklis(Decriminalize Sex Work)

Karoutas, Periklis(Injured Workers Pharmacy)

Karoutas, Periklis(National Association Of Professional Employer Organizations)

Karoutas, Periklis(New Hampshire Camp Directors Assoc)

Karoutas, Periklis(New Hampshire Campground Owners Assoc)

Karoutas, Periklis(New Hampshire Coalition Against The Death Penalty)

Karoutas, Periklis(Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment)

Kaysen, Mary(Bristol Myers Squibb Company)

Kelleher, Savannah(Clivis New England Amend)

Kelleher, Savannah(Clivus New England)

Kim, Sang Yeob(ACLU)

Klementowicz, Henry(ACLU)

Kolb, Ellen(Cornerstone Action)

Koutroubas, Alex(ACEC NH)

Koutroubas, Alex(Community Support Network Inc)

Koutroubas, Alex(Concord Hospital Concord Regional Healthcare)

Koutroubas, Alex(NH Assoc Of Nurse Anesthesists)

Koutroubas, Alex(Senior Nutrition Network Of NH)

Kristiansen, Lars(Nationwide Mutual Ins Co)

Kroll, Heidi(Aggregate Manufacturers Of NH)

Kroll, Heidi(Americas Health Insurance Plans)

Kroll, Heidi(Assoc Of Equipment Manufacturers Multistate Associates Inc)

Kroll, Heidi(BJ Alan Company Phanotm Fireworks)

Kroll, Heidi(Granite State Hydropower Assoc)

Kroll, Heidi(Home Builders And Remodelers Assoc Of NH)

Kroll, Heidi(Life Coping Inc)

Kroll, Heidi(Monadnock Paper Mills Inc)

Kroll, Heidi(National Academy Of Elder Law Attorneys)

Kroll, Heidi(New Hampshire Bankers Assoc)

Kroll, Heidi(New Hampshire Federation Of Humane Organizations)

Kroll, Heidi(Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network)

Kuenning, Tess Stack(Bi State Primary Care Assoc Inc)


Ladd, Carl M(New Hampshire School Administrators Assoc)

Lawrence, Katherine(ACT Inc)

Leahy, Ed(Adapt Pharma Inc)

Lehmann, Katherine(Business And Industry Assoc Of NH)

Lepage, Lauren(National Rifle Assoc Of America)

Lepore, Edmund(Ameresco Inc)

Levy, Sam(Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund)

Lightfoot, Madison(New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic And Sexual Violence)

Loughran, Kathleen Garrett(Anthem Inc)

Magner, Matthew(National Community Pharmacists Assoc)

Mahoney, Maureen(Consumer Reports Inc)

Maiola, Joel(Exel Inc DHL Logistics)

Maiola, Joel(New Hampshire College And University Council)

Maiola, Joel(New Hampshire Hospital Assoc)

Maiola, Joel(Well Sense Health Plan)

Malloy, John(Corecivic Inc)

Mandel, Jon(Draftkings Inc)

Mandel, Jon(Fanduel Inc)

Marcella, Orrin(General Electric Company)

Marlow, Chad(American Civil Liberties Union Inc)

Marsolin, Elissa(Housing Action NH)

Martignetti, Adam(Tufts Health Freedom Plan)

Mckinney, Dawn(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Mclane Middleton Government And Public Strategies LLC(Addendum C)

Mclaughlin, Michael(Allstate Insurance)

Mclaughlin, Michael(Community Bingo)

Mclaughlin, Michael(Eureka Casino)

Mclaughlin, Michael(Sanctuary ATC)

Mclaughlin, Michael(Schnitzer NE)

Mcnamara, Peter(New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Assoc)

Mcnutt, Douglas(AARP New Hampshire)

Mcquillen, William(The Professional Fire Fighters Of New Hampshire)

Merrill, Jim(Addendum C)

Merrill, Jim(Club Motorsports Inc)

Merrill, Jim(Great River Hydro LLC)

Merrill, Jim(Martignetti Companies Of NH)

Merrill, Jim(UBER Technologies)

Merrill, Kristy(New Hampshire Bankers Assoc)

Merritt, Michele(New Futures Inc)

Meyer, Lucas(Addendum C)

Meyer, Lucas(America Votes)

Meyer, Lucas(American Civil Liberties Union)

Meyer, Lucas(Kologik)

Meyer, Lucas(National Popular Vote)

Meyer, Lucas(New Hampshire Automobile Dealers)

Meyer, Lucas(Sixteen Thirty Fund)

Meyer, Lucas(Theatre Owners Of New England)

Meyer, Lucas(Wellpath Care)

Meyers, Lucas(Harvard Pilgrim Health Care)

Miller, Brent(Congressional Sportsmans Foundation)

Milner, Glenn(American Association Of University Professors UNH Chapter)

Milner, Glenn(Cigar Assoc Of America Inc)

Mineau, Madeleine(New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Assoc Dba Clean Energy NH)

Moccia, Leann(New Hampshire Camp Directors Assoc)

Moccia, Leann(Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment)

Monahan, James(Apple Inc)

Monahan, James(Becket Family Of Services)

Monahan, James(Bi State Primary Care Assoc)

Monahan, James(C And J Trailways)

Monahan, James(Calpine)

Monahan, James(Ceres)

Monahan, James(Deloitte Consulting LLP)

Monahan, James(Elliot Health System)

Monahan, James(Granite Municipal Advisors)

Monahan, James(Granite Pathways)

Monahan, James(Granite Shore Power)

Monahan, James(Healthsouth)

Monahan, James(New England Power Generators Assoc)

Monahan, James(New Futures)

Monahan, James(New Hampshire Assoc Of Counties)

Monahan, James(New Hampshire Transmission LLC)

Monahan, James(Nextera Energy Resources LLC)

Monahan, James(NH Childrens Behavioral Health Collaborative)

Monahan, James(NH Community Behavioral Health Assoc)

Monahan, James(NH Providers Assoc)

Monahan, James(North American Power)

Monahan, James(Pan American Railway)

Monahan, James(Reenergy Holdings LLC)

Monahan, James(Revision Energy)

Monahan, James(Sunrun Inc)

Monahan, James(Trust For Public Land Action Fund)

Monroe, Chris(New Hampshire Loan Fund)

Montgomery, Huck(Liberty Utilities)

Montgomery, Kayla(Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund)

Montgomery, Kayla(Planned Parenthood Of Northern New England)

Moore, Gregory(Americans For Prosperity New Hampshire)

Mullins, Ashley(Excellence In Education National Inc Excellence In Education In Action)

Murray, Joseph(FMR LLC)

Myers, Jenn(The Professional Fire Fighters Of New Hampshire)


Nadeau, Lindsay(Addendum C)

Nadeau, Lindsay(American Property Casualty Insurance Assoc)

Nadeau, Lindsay(Amerihealth Caritas)

Nadeau, Lindsay(Cigna)

Nadeau, Lindsay(New Hampshire Assoc Of Domestic Insurance Co)

Nelson, Kurt(Eversource Energy)

Newman, Erik(Addendum C)

Newman, Erik(American Resort Development Assoc)

Newman, Rick(Altria Client Serv LLC And Affiliates)

Newman, Rick(Exacta Systems Inc)

Newman, Rick(Grover Gaming Inc.)

Newman, Rick(Jackpocket Inc)

Newman, Rick(Mclane Company Inc)

Newman, Rick(Millercoors)

Newman, Rick(NH Charitable Gaming Operators Assoc Inc.)

Newman, Rick(NH Independent Pharmacy Assoc)

Newman, Rick(Potts Gaming)

Nichols, David(EMD Serono Inc And Its Affiliates)

Nicolopoulos, Christopher(New Hampshire Assoc Of Insurance Agents)

Nicolopoulos, Christopher(New Hampshire Assoc Of Insurance Agents) (2)

Nugent, Mallory(Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund)

O Brien, Aiden(Burgess Bio Power LLC)

O Brien, Aiden(Cubic Corporation)

O Brien, Aiden(ISO New England Inc)

O Brien, Aiden(NH Assoc Of School Principals)

O Brien, Aiden(NH Dental Society)

O Brien, Aiden(NH Marine Trades Assoc)

O Brien, Aiden(Select Management Resources LLC Loan Max)

O Brien, Aiden(Solar Micronics Inc)

Ober, Stacey(America Kennel Club)

Obrien, Jim(The Nature Conservancy)

Olson, Robert(Addendum C)

Olson, Robert(Bridgewater Power Co LP)

Olson, Robert(DG Whitefield LLC)

Olson, Robert(Engie North America Inc)

Olson, Robert(Indeck Energy Services)

Olson, Robert(Springfield Power LLC)

Padmore, Michael (NH Medical Society)

Page, Kenneth(New Hampshire Assoc Of School Principals)

Palmiotto, Jennifer(Granite State Rural Water Assoc)

Paly, Melissa(Conservation Law Foundation)

Paolino, Cate(National Association Of Mutual Insurance Companies)

Parsons, Richard(American Express)

Parsons, Richard(American Petroleum Institute)

Parsons, Richard(Anthem)

Parsons, Richard(Bedford Ambulatory Surgery Center)

Parsons, Richard(Coakley Landfill Group)

Parsons, Richard(Comcast)

Parsons, Richard(Cooperative Credit Union Assoc)

Parsons, Richard(Dartmouth College)

Parsons, Richard(Draftkings Inc)

Parsons, Richard(Enbridge)

Parsons, Richard(Eversource)

Parsons, Richard(Explore Information Services)

Parsons, Richard(Fanduel Inc)

Parsons, Richard(Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce)

Parsons, Richard(LYFT)

Parsons, Richard(National Sports Shooting Foundation)

Parsons, Richard(NH Alliance Of Boys And Girls Clubs Inc)

Parsons, Richard(NH Independent Schools)

Parsons, Richard(NH Off Highway Vehicle Assoc)

Parsons, Richard(Pharmaceuticals LLP)

Parsons, Richard(RAI Services Company)

Parsons, Richard(Travel Technology Assoc)

Paschell, Susan(Becket Family Of Services)

Paschell, Susan(Bi State Primary Care Assoc)

Paschell, Susan(C And J Trailways)

Paschell, Susan(MHM Services Inc)

Paschell, Susan(NH Community Behavioral Health Assoc)

Paschell, Susan(NH Dental Hygienists Assoc)

Paschell, Susan(NH Providers Assoc)

Patch, Douglas(New Hampshire Assoc Of Fire Chiefs)

Patel, Krina(Biogen)

Pentz, Kevin(Rights And Democracy)

Perlow, Glenn(Perspecta Trust LLC)

Perry, Darryl(Liberty Lobby LLC)

Pfundstein, Donald(Americas Health Insurance Plans)

Pfundstein, Donald(Assoc Of Equipment Manufacturers Multistate Associates Inc)

Pfundstein, Donald(BJ Alan Company Phantom Fireworks)

Pfundstein, Donald(Memic Indemnity Company)

Pfundstein, Donald(Safelite Group Inc)

Phillips, Paul(Insurance Auto Auctions)

Pierce Erle(National Grid)

Pierce, Erle(Addendum C)

Pierce, Erle(American Progressive Bag Alliance)

Pierce, Erle(Unitil)

Pierce, Erle(Verizon)

Pierce, Sarah Faye(Association Of Home Appliance Manufacturers)

Pollack, Ari(Aggregate Manufacturers Of NH)

Pollack, Ari(Demoulas Super Markets Inc)

Pollack, Ari(Home Builders And Remodelers Assoc Of NH)

Pollack, Ari(New Hampshire Coalition For Responsible Cannabis Legislation LLC)

Pollack, Ari(Pillsbury Realty Development)

Power, Richard(Lyft Inc)

Powers, Gina(American Express)

Powers, Gina(American Petroleum Institute)

Powers, Gina(Anthem)

Powers, Gina(Bedford Ambulatory Surgery Center)

Powers, Gina(Coakley Landfill Group)

Powers, Gina(Comcast)

Powers, Gina(Cooperative Credit Union Assoc)

Powers, Gina(Dartmouth College)

Powers, Gina(Draftkings Inc)

Powers, Gina(Enbridge)

Powers, Gina(Eversource)

Powers, Gina(Explore Information Services)

Powers, Gina(Fanduel Inc)

Powers, Gina(Fidelity Investments)

Powers, Gina(Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce)

Powers, Gina(LYFT)

Powers, Gina(National Sports Shooting Foundation)

Powers, Gina(NH Alliance Of Boys And Girls Clubs Inc)

Powers, Gina(NH Independent Schools)

Powers, Gina(NH Off Highway Vehicle Assoc)

Powers, Gina(Oracle America Inc)

Powers, Gina(Pharmaceuticals LLP)

Powers, Gina(RAI Services Company)

Powers, Gina(Travel Technology Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(Addendum C)

Prasol, Thomas(Alzheimers Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(American Board Of Medical Specialties)

Prasol, Thomas(Astellas Phrma US Inc)

Prasol, Thomas(Bank Of America)

Prasol, Thomas(Centene Corporation)

Prasol, Thomas(Comcast)

Prasol, Thomas(Consumer Healthcare Products Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(Eversource)

Prasol, Thomas(Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund)

Prasol, Thomas(Fedex)

Prasol, Thomas(Greenwich Biosciences Inc)

Prasol, Thomas(International Bottled Water Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(Johnson And Johnson Services Inc)

Prasol, Thomas(Mortgage Bankers And Brokers Assoc Of NH)

Prasol, Thomas(New England Pest Management Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Association Of Assessing Officials)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Athletic Trainers Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(NH City And Town Clerks Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Court Reporters Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Driver Education Teachers Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Golf Course Superintendents Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Motor Speedway)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Police Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Speech Language Hearing Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Tax Collectors Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Troopers Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(NH Wine And Spirits Brokers Assoc)

Prasol, Thomas(North Country Environmental Serv)

Prasol, Thomas(Pfizer)

Prasol, Thomas(Phrma)

Prasol, Thomas(RAI Services Company)

Prasol, Thomas(Tufts Health Freedom Plan Insurance Co)

Prasol, Thomas(Walmart Stores Inc)

Proctor, Nathan(US PIRG)

Quinn, Jack(Sanofi US)

Quinn, Kenneth(US Term Limits)

Quinn, Robert(NH Assoc Of Realtors)


Rauscher, Christopher(Sunruninc)

Reap, Joshua(Associated Builders And Contractors Of NHVT)

Reardon, Judy(Protect The Granite State Inc)

Reardon, Stefani(Harvard Pilgrim Health Care)

Reardon, Tara(New Hampshire Community Loan Fund)

Reid, Barbara(New Hampshire Municipal Assoc)

Reilly, Robert(General Electric Company)

Richter, Barbara(NH Assoc Of Conservation Comm)

Roche, Jim(Business And Industry Association Of NH)

Rogers, Paula(Anthem Inc And Its Affiliates)

Rondeau, Philip(ACLU)

Rosenberger, Teresa(Addendum C)

Rosenberger, Teresa(CASA Of NH)

Rosenberger, Teresa(Dixville Capital LLC)

Rosenberger, Teresa(Edchoice)

Rosenberger, Teresa(HP Hood)

Rosenberger, Teresa(New Hampshire Assoc Of Natural Resource Scientists)

Rosenberger, Teresa(New Hampshire Telephone Assoc)

Rosenberger, Teresa(NH Preservation Alliance)

Rosenberger, Teresa(NH Society Of Certified Public Accountants)

Rosenberger, Teresa(North Country Healthcare)

Rosenberger, Teresa(Pennichuck Corporation)

Rosenberger, Teresa(Temescal Wellness)

Rosenberger, Teresa(US Cellular)

Rosier, Collan(Maxim Healthcare Services Inc)

Rosier, Collan(Maxim Healthcare Services Inc) (2)

Roussos, George(Addendum C)

Roussos, George(American Family Life Assurance Company)

Roussos, George(American Property Casualty Insurance Assoc)

Roussos, George(Amerihealth Caritas)

Roussos, George(Cigna)

Roussos, George(New Hampshire Assoc Of Domestice Insurance Co)

Rudensky, Yurij(Brennan Center For Justice)

Ryan, Kelly(Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Of America)


Sager, Weston(New Venture Fund)

Sanborn, Michelle(Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund)

Sargent, Elizabeth(New Hampshire Pharmacists Assoc)

Sargent, Elizabeth(New Hampshire Society Of Health System Pharmacists Inc)

Sargent, Elizabeth(NH Academy Of Audiology)

Sargent, Elizabeth(NH Association Of Chiefs Of Police)

Sargent, Elizabeth(NH Funeral Directors Assoc)

Sargent, Elizabeth(NH Sheriffs Assoc)

Scalco, Dario(The Professional Fire Fighters Of New Hampshire)

Scarponi, Ellen(Consolidated Communications)

Schmidt, Adam(Addendum C)

Schmidt, Adam(American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network)

Schmidt, Adam(American Chemistry Council)

Schmidt, Adam(Bridgewater Power Company LLP)

Schmidt, Adam(CVS Health)

Schmidt, Adam(D G Whitefield)

Schmidt, Adam(Engie North America Inc)

Schmidt, Adam(Indeck Energy Services Inc)

Schmidt, Adam(National Assoc Of Insurance And Financial Advisors NH Chapter)

Schmidt, Adam(NH Assoc Of Realtors)

Schmidt, Adam(NH Beverage Assoc)

Schmidt, Adam(NH Snowmobile Assoc)

Schmidt, Adam(Resolve New England)

Schmidt, Adam(Riverstone Claims Management LLC)

Schmidt, Adam(Select Management Resources Inc)

Schmidt, Adam(Service Now)

Schmidt, Adam(Springfield Power)

Schmidt, Adam(T Mobile USA)

Schmidt, Adam(Water Sports Industry Assoc)

Schollett, Lyn(New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic And Sexual Violence)

Scott, Sarah(Americans For Prosperity New Hampshire)

Sculley, Robert(Energy Marketers Assoc Of NH)

Sculley, Robert(New Hampshire Motor Transport Assoc)

Sculley, Robert(Propane Gas Association Of New England)

Sears, Amanda(Civix Strategy Goup LLC)

Sexton, Amanda Grady(New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic And Sexual Violence)

Shaer, Jonathan(New England Convenient Store And Energy Marketers)

Shapiro, Lisa(Aggregate Manufacturers Of NH)

Shapiro, Lisa(Assoc Of Equipment Manufacturers Multistate Associates Inc)

Shapiro, Lisa(Demoulas Super Markets Inc)

Shapiro, Lisa(Drivetrain LLC)

Shapiro, Lisa(Eversource Energy)

Shapiro, Lisa(Exeter Trust Company)

Shapiro, Lisa(Fidelity Institutional Asset Management Trust Comp)

Shapiro, Lisa(Market Street Trust Company)

Shapiro, Lisa(Motion Picture Assoc Of America)

Shapiro, Lisa(New Hampshire Bankers Assoc)

Shapiro, Lisa(New Hampshire Coalition For Responsible Cannabis Legislation LLC)

Shapiro, Lisa(New Venture Fund)

Shapiro, Lisa(Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network)

Shapiro, Lisa(Pillsbury Realty Development)

Shapiro, Lisa(Planned Parenthood Of Northern New England)

Shapiro, Lisa(Vantage Trust Company)

Shapiro, Lisa(Vapor Technology Assoc)

Sigel, Richard(Addendum C)

Sigel, Richard(New Hampshire College And University Council)

Sigel, Richard(New Hampshire Hospital Assoc)

Sigel, Richard(Well Sense Health Plan)

Simon, Matt(Marijuana Policy Project)

Simpson, Carleton(Unitil Corporation)

Sinclair, Andrew(Exxon Mobil Corp)

Skibbie, Michael(Disability Rights Center NH)

Slingerland, Molly(Altria Client Services And Its Affiliates)

Smith, Erin(TD Bank Government Affairs)

Smith, Gregory(Hobo Corporation)

Smith, Gregory(Waste Management Of New Hampshire)

Sosnowski, Alexandra(Northeast Delta Dental)

Soucy, Karen(NH Manufactured And Modular Housing Assoc)

Soucy, Karen(Wellcare Health Plans Inc)

Steinberg, Cheryl(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Stephenson, Roger(Union Of Concerned Scientists)

Stevens, Holly(New Futures Inc)

Stewart, Damon(Draftkings Inc)

Stewart, Damon(Fanduel Inc)

Stock, Jasen(New Hampshire Timberland Owners Assoc)

Stockwell, Heather(Rights And Democracy)

Stoddard, Kristine(Bi State Primary Care Assoc Inc)

Stowe, Jennifer(Carpet And Rug Institute)


Tanner, Courtney(Dartmouth Hitchcock Health)

Taylor, Erik(Aggregate Manufacturers Of NH)

Taylor, Erik(Motion Picture Assoc Of America)

Taylor, Erik(Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network)

Taylor, Erik(Safelite Group Inc)

Thomson, Simon(Altria Client Services LLC And Its Affiliates)

Thomson, Simon(American Council Of Life Insurers)

Thomson, Simon(American Staffing Assoc)

Thomson, Simon(Anheuser Busch Companies LLC)

Thomson, Simon(Associated Builders And Contractors Inc)

Thomson, Simon(Electrical Contractors Business Assoc)

Thomson, Simon(Equifax)

Thomson, Simon(International Assoc Of Amusement Parks And Attractions)

Thomson, Simon(Long Bay Association II)

Thomson, Simon(National Federation Of Independent Business)

Thomson, Simon(National Grid)

Thomson, Simon(New England Convenience Store And Energy Marketers Assoc)

Thomson, Simon(Nextera Energy Seabrook Station)

Thomson, Simon(NH Land Surveyors Assoc)

Thomson, Simon(NH Travel Council)

Thomson, Simon(Northeast Delta Dental)

Thomson, Simon(Polaris)

Thomson, Simon(Professional Insurance Agents Of New Hampshire)

Thomson, Simon(Ski NH)

Thomson, Simon(South Down Shores Recreation Assoc)

Thomson, Simon(Unitil)

Thomson, Simon(Verizon)

Thomson, Simon(White Mountains Attractions)

Tower, Stephen(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Trachy, Stuart(Addendum C)

Trachy, Stuart(AT T)

Trachy, Stuart(Coalition Of NH Chain Drug Stores)

Trachy, Stuart(Enterprise Holdings)

Trachy, Stuart(NH Assoc Of Marriage And Family Therapy)

Trachy, Stuart(NH Chapter National Assoc Of Social Workers)

Trachy, Stuart(NH Grocers Association)

Trachy, Stuart(NH State Chiropractic Society)

Trachy, Stuart(Wine Institute)

Tracy, Sandra(New Hampshire Bankers Association)

Trombly, Rick(NEA NH)

Tuttle, Megan(NEA NH)


Urffer, Kathy(Connecticut River Conservancy)

Vallee, James(Mutualink)

Vanderbeek, Debra(Balanced Budget Amendment Inc)

Vanderbeek, Debra(Biotechnology Innovation Organization)

Vanderbeek, Debra(Injured Workers Pharmacy)

Vanderbeek, Debra(National Association Of Professional Employer Organizations)

Vanderbeek, Debra(New Hampshire Camp Directors Assoc)

Vanderbeek, Debra(New Hampshire Campground Owners Assoc)

Vanderbeek, Debra(New Hampshire Coalition Against The Death Penalty)

Vanderbeek, Debra(Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment)

Vargas, Sheila(The Nature Conservancy)

Vaughan, Nancy(American Heart Assoc)

Veilleux, Henry(Addendum C)

Veilleux, Henry(American Council Of Life Insurers)

Veilleux, Henry(Anheuser Busch Companies LLC)

Veilleux, Henry(Eli Lilly And Company)

Veilleux, Henry(Entertainment Software Assoc)

Veilleux, Henry(Equal Citizens Foundation)

Veilleux, Henry(Granite State Alliance Of YMCA Concord Family YMCA)

Veilleux, Henry(Granite State Home Health And Hospice Assoc)

Veilleux, Henry(Hospital Corp Of America Portsmouth Reg. Hosp And Parkland)

Veilleux, Henry(International Assoc Of Amusement Parks And Attractions)

Veilleux, Henry(Leadingage Maine And New Hampshire)

Veilleux, Henry(LKQ Corporation)

Veilleux, Henry(National Federation Of Independent Business)

Veilleux, Henry(New Hampshire Lodging And Restaurant Assoc)

Veilleux, Henry(NH Community Action Programs)

Veilleux, Henry(Open Democracy Action)

Veilleux, Henry(Unitil)

Veilleux, Henry(Waste Management Inc)

Veilleux, Henry(Wheelabrator Technologies Holdings Inc)

Voigt, Molly(Giffords)


Wallace, Glenn(American Express)

Wallace, Glenn(American Petroleum Institute)

Wallace, Glenn(Anthem)

Wallace, Glenn(Arrow International)

Wallace, Glenn(Bedford Ambulatory Surgery Center)

Wallace, Glenn(Coakley Landfill Group)

Wallace, Glenn(Comcast)

Wallace, Glenn(Cooperative Credit Union Assoc)

Wallace, Glenn(Dartmouth College)

Wallace, Glenn(Dog Owners Of The Granite State)

Wallace, Glenn(Draftkings Inc)

Wallace, Glenn(Enbridge)

Wallace, Glenn(Eversource)

Wallace, Glenn(Explore Information Services)

Wallace, Glenn(Fanduel Inc)

Wallace, Glenn(Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce)

Wallace, Glenn(LYFT)

Wallace, Glenn(National Sports Shooting Foundation)

Wallace, Glenn(NH Alliance Of Boys And Girls Clubs Inc)

Wallace, Glenn(NH Independent Schools)

Wallace, Glenn(NH Off Highway Vehicle Assoc)

Wallace, Glenn(Oracle America Inc)

Wallace, Glenn(Parsons Environmental)

Wallace, Glenn(Pharmaceuticals LLP)

Wallace, Glenn(RAI Services Company)

Wallace, Glenn(Travel Technology Assoc)

Wangerin, Michelle(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Ward, Jay(SEA SEIU Local 1984)

Warmington, Cinde(Massachusetts General Hospital)

Wellcare Health Plans Inc)

Wendelboe, Fran(Addendum C)

Wendelboe, Fran(NH Independent Pharmacy Assoc)

Wendelboe, Fran(Power House Gaming)

Wester, Elizabeth(America Votes)

Weston, Maura(AT T)

Weston, Maura(Derry Medical And Londonderry Family Practice)

Weston, Maura(Maximus)

Weston, Maura(New England Cable And Telecommunications Assoc)

Weston, Maura(Purdue Pharma)

Weston, Maura(TURO(

Whitemarsh, Melissia(Purdue Pharma LP)

Whitley, Rebecca(New Futures Inc)

Wilkerson, Timothy(New England Cable And Telecommunications Assoc Inc)

Williams, Molly(Pfizer Inc)

Woitkowski, Rebecca(New Futures Inc)

Wood, Martha(Teachers Insurance And Annuity Assoc)

Worsowicz, Paul(Addendum C)

Worsowicz, Paul(Aggregate Manufacturers Of NH)

Worsowicz, Paul(American Resort Development Assoc)

Worsowicz, Paul(Americas Health Insurance Plans)

Worsowicz, Paul(Assoc Of Equipment Manufacturers Multistate Associates Inc)

Worsowicz, Paul(BJ Alan Company Phantom Fireworks)

Worsowicz, Paul(Concord Coach Lines)

Worsowicz, Paul(Demoulas Super Markets Inc)

Worsowicz, Paul(Drivetrain LLC)

Worsowicz, Paul(Exeter Trust Company)

Worsowicz, Paul(Fidelity Institutional Asset Management Trust Comp)

Worsowicz, Paul(Granite State Hydropower Assoc)

Worsowicz, Paul(Home Builders And Remodelers Assoc Of NH)

Worsowicz, Paul(Jensens Inc)

Worsowicz, Paul(Life Coping Inc)

Worsowicz, Paul(Market Street Trust Company)

Worsowicz, Paul(Monadnock Paper Mills Inc)

Worsowicz, Paul(Motion Picture Assoc Of America)

Worsowicz, Paul(New Hampshire Bankers Assoc)

Worsowicz, Paul(New Hampshire Coalition For Responsible Cannabis Legislation LLC)

Worsowicz, Paul(New Venture Fund)

Worsowicz, Paul(Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network)

Worsowicz, Paul(Pillsbury Realty Development)

Worsowicz, Paul(Planned Parenthood Of Northern New England)

Worsowicz, Paul(St Lawrence And Atlantic Railroad)

Worsowicz, Paul(Vantage Trust Company)

Worsowicz, Paul(Vapor Technology Assoc)

Yoncich, Christopher(Tufts Health Freedom Plan)

Zeytoonjian, Fred(Apple Inc)

Zink, Olivia(Open Democracy Action)

Zuretti, Steven Michael(Brookfield Renewable Energy Marketing US LLC)