New Hampshire-Canada Trade Forum


    In a short drive of 200 miles between Sherbrooke, Québec and Concord, NH - the Global economy exists right in our backyard.  The Forum will explore economic development and trade between New Hampshire & the Eastern Canadian Provinces, relative to collaborative opportunities in the areas of:  Education, Energy, Manufacturing, Public/Private Partnerships and Women’s Entrepreneurship.  This conversation between community and business leaders is an essential part of improving relations between our two nations and local economies. Part educational and part networking, this Forum opens the border.  

    To view highlights (photographs, audio and media reports) of the New Hampshire-Canada Trade Forum which was held on August 13, 2012, click here.

    To download the Trade Forum program in PDF file format, click here. 


    DATE: August 13th 2012   

    LOCATION: – Grappone Center & Marriott, Concord, NH 
                         70 Constitution Avenue, Concord NH 03301

    13th Conference Event: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (Registration/Reception 8-8:45)  


     Forum Greetings 8:45a - 8:58a       

     8:45a - 8:48a   Open: Rep. Edmond Gionet, NHCTC Chair:  Sets tone of day and thanks sponsors and participating organizations. 

     8:48a - 8:52a   Welcome: Gov. John Lynch 

     8:52a - 8:55a   Hon. Wm. O’Brien. Speaker of the N.H. House 

     8:55a - 8:58a   Hon. Louis D’Allesandro, N.H. Senate 


    Forum Program 8:58a - 9:00a 

    Moderator:  Mike Nikitas, Anchor and Host of "This Week in Business", of NECN will lead conversational discussions with ample time for questions that build discussion and idea generation.  Sets format for day and ground rules for discussions.  “This conversation between community and business leaders is an essential part of improving relations between our two nations and our local economies.”

      Mike Nikitas anchored NECN's first newscast on March 2nd, 1992, and now anchors the weekday news at 4 p.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.  Mike also co-hosts "NECN Business" weeknights at 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., plus "This Week in Business" on Sundays.  Mike's a New Hampshire native, a UNH graduate, and is married with four children.  He's an avid gardener, hiker and curler, and plays catcher on a men's baseball team. 


    Morning Keynote with Senator Shaheen & Consul General Binns 9:00a - 9:25a  Trade Relations, Beyond The Border & the long standing friendship between N.H. & Canada. 

    9:00a - 9:02a    NHCTC Intro:  Sen. D’Allesandro Sets Topic & introduces Sen. Shaheen  

    9:02a - 9:09a    Hon. Jeanne Shaheen, U.S. Senator – N.H. 

    9:09a - 9:10a    Sen. D’Allesandro Introduces Consul General Patrick Binns 

    9:10a - 9:17a    Hon. Patrick Binns, Consul General of Canada 

    9:17a - 9:25a+   Mike Nikitas Moderates Questions 


    9:28a - 9:30a   Mike Nikitas transitions discussion to:


    Session 1:  9:30a - 10:15a  Public & Private Partnerships: Reigniting the QC Chamber of Commerce MOU with the NH Business & Industry Association of N.H..   

    9:30a - 9:33a   Introduction:  Benoit Lamontagne, DRED Sets Topic & asks each for current perspective 

    9:33a - 9:38a   James Roche, President, Business & Industry Association of N.H. 

    9:38a - 9:43a   Michel Lefebvre, Director – Québec Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FCCQ) 

    9:43a - 9:48a   Marie-Claude Francoeur, Québec Delegate 

    9:48a - 9:53a   George Bald, Commissioner – N.H. Dept. of Resources & Economic Development 

    9:53a - 10:15a   Mike Nikitas Moderates Questions & Discussion 


    BREAK 10:15a - 10:29a 

    10:29a - 10:30a   Mike Nikitas transitions discussion to: 


    Session 2:  10:30a - 11:15a  Industrial Collaborative Opportunities: US & CA industrial oriented companies operating & manufacturing in US.    

    10:30a - 10:33a   NHCTC Intro:  Rep. David Knox Sets Topic & asks each for current perspective 

    10:33a - 10:38a   Robert Bouchard, President Rotobec 

    10:38a - 10:43a   Peter W. Brown, Of Counsel PretiFlaherty (presentation can be downloaded here)

    10:43a - 10:48a   Representative, Advanced Precision 

    10:48a - 11:20a   Mike Nikitas Moderates Questions & Discussion  


    11:20a - 11:25a   Sponsor Message/Mike Nikitas Does Thank You’s  

    11:25a - 11:30a   Mike Nikitas transitions discussion to: 


    Session 3:  11:30a - 12:15p  Small Businesses & Women-Owned Business:  The way entrepreneurship opportunities serve as a tool for northern NH and other areas of the State & lower Canada. 

    11:30a - 11:33a    NHCTC Intro: Hon. Ricia McMahon

    11:33a - 11:38a    Marie Josée Vailliant, CEO, Kheops International

    11:38a - 11:43a    Marilanne Cooper, Executive Director, WREN

    11:43a - 11:48a    Ellen S. Kief, Attorney at Law – Immigration Law

    11:48a - 12:15p+   Ricia McMahon Moderates Questions & Discussion


    BREAK 12:15p - 12:28p (Salad & Dessert plated)

    12:28-12:30   Mike Nikitas transitions event to:


    Luncheon Keynote & Networking Lunch 12:30p - 1:45p 

    12:30p - 12:37p   NHCTC Intro: Sen. John Gallus  (asks Bud to join him) 

    12:30p - 12:32p   Orville B. “Bud” Fitch, State Director for Sen. Kelly Ayotte, reads letter 

    12:32p - 12:37p   Sen. Gallus Intro of John Hallé 

    12:37p - 12:57p   Luncheon Keynote:  John Hallé, President and CEO of Cate Street Capital, Inc. 

    12:57p - 1:07p    Mike Nikitas Moderates Questions 


    1:07p - 1:50p Lunch Served 

    1:50p - 2:00p Lunch Cleared 


    1:58p - 2:00p Mike Nikitas transitions event to:


    Session 4:  2:00 - 2:45   Educational/Academic:  How educational programs and international student exchange impacts and/or enhances our trade and economic development.    

    2:00p - 2:03p    NHCTC Intro:  Dr. Tony Cicerone, Professor, Bridgewater State University 

    2:03p - 2:08p    Dr. Thad Guldbrandsen, Professor - Plymouth State University 

    2:08p - 2:13p    Dr. Ross Gittell, Chancellor - Community College System of N.H. 

    2:13p - 2:18p    Dr. Mehdi Farashahi, Professor - John Molson School of Business, Concordia University 

    2:18p - 2:45p+   Dr. Tony Cicerone Moderates Questions & Discussion 


    2:50p - 2:58p   Sponsor Message/Mike Nikitas Does Thank You’s 

    2:58p - 3:00p   Mike Nikitas transitions discussion to: 


    Session 5:  3:00p - 3:45p   Alternative Energy  Development: Quesions answered on how modern energy projects are economic development:  Do biofuels & conservation go hand in hand?  Can a N.H. energy corridor allow for hydro/gas without affecting tourism? Are wind facilities in N.H. undevelopable land worth investing in? 

    3:00p – 3:03p   NHCTC Intro:  Hon. Bill Gardner, N.H. Secretary of State  

    3:03p – 3:08p   Pat McDermott, Sr. Vice President, Public Service Company of New Hampshire 

    3:08p – 3:13p   Gilbert Bennett, Vice President, NALCOR Lower Churchill Project 

    3:13p – 3:18p   Rick Janega, President, Emera Newfoundland and Labrador 

    3:18p – 3:23p   Daniel Whyte, Sr. Vice President, Brookfield Power 

    3:23p – 3:50p   Mike Nikitas Moderates Questions & Discussion  


    3:58p - 4:00p   Mike Nikitas transitions discussion to: 


    Wrap Up and Analysis 4:00p - 4:30p  The Future:  How we follow up and continue the discussion in our own specific ways. 

    4:00p – 4:05p   Close - Moderator Mike Nikitas, NECN 

    4:05p – 4:08p   Bob Good, President, NECBC 

    4:08p – 4:11p   Rep. Raymond Gagnon, NHCTC 

    4:11p – 4:27p   Mike Nikitas Moderates Discussion. Wraps event. 

    4:27p – 4:30p   Thank You:  Rep. Edmond Gionet, Chair NHCTC 


    Reception 4:30p - 6:30p   

    Reception Comments 5:00-5:15pm  

    5:00p - 5:03p   Canadian Consul General Binns 

    5:03p - 5:10p   Québec Delegate Marie-Claude Francoeur 

    5:00p - 5:15p   Invited Legislators Hello, if attending 

    - U.S. Congressman Charles Bass (Invited) 

    - U.S. Congressman Frank Guinta (Invited) 


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