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HR 1 Power Point Presentation

HR 1 Power Point Presentation - April 21, 2021

Joint Guidance for 2021 Town/School Meetings, Elections and Business Sessions

Joint Guidance for 2021 Town/School Meetings, Elections, and Business Sessions

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Notice of Grant CARES Act


August 10, 2020

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CARES Act Elections Assistance Presentation

To the Election Officers of New Hampshire and the Governing Bodies of New Hampshire Towns and
Cities and unincorporated places:

We are pleased to provide this Notice of Grant Opportunity for funding through the federal CARES
Act for the election. The attached document explains how cities, towns and unincorporated places can
obtain partial reimbursement for qualified expenses of carrying out the upcoming September 8, 2020
state primary and November 3, 2020 general election.

This grant program provides 3 million dollars of CARES Act funding for the upcoming elections to
New Hampshire’s cities, towns and unincorporated places. The grant allocates to each city, town and
unincorporated place a maximum amount that is proportional to that town or city’s share of the total
votes cast in the 2016 primary and general election. Federal law and regulation requires extensive
agreements and documentation to receive a sub-grant of federal funds. We are striving to make the
process as simple as possible. BerryDunn, an accounting firm, has extensive experience with federal
grant funds. They will assist you with this process.

The federal Election Assistance Commission has just approved use of a Statewide Standard Cost Rate
for additional absentee ballots as a basis for making reimbursements. This substitute procedure for
documenting the local expense of absentee ballot processing above the level in the most recent similar
elections requires only that each town and city report the total absentee ballots sent out and the total
cast at each federal election. Provided the number of additional absentee ballots in your town or city
supports reimbursing your full allocation, you will not need to submit additional documentation to the

BerryDunn and my office are presenting a webinar to explain the grant program on Wednesday August
12th, starting at 2:00 PM. Register to attend Wednesday’s webinar at this link:

We repeat the webinar on Thursday August 13th at 11:00 AM. Register to attend Thursday’s webinar at
this link:

Each webinar will be limited to the first 500 registrants. A recording of a webinar will be available for
anyone unable to attend one of these sessions. BerryDunn has established a help line and e-mail
address: (603) 518-2650,


William M. Gardner Secretary of State

Notice To Election Officials Of Accessible Absentee Ballot System

Election Procedure Manual - 2020

Election Procedure Manual - 2020

Election Operations during the Public Health Crisis

Election Operations during the Public Health Crisis
Joint Guidance by:
William M. Gardner, Secretary of State
Gordon J. MacDonald, Attorney General

Attorney General Supplemental Guidance on 2020 Election Operations