New Hampshire
Secretary of State

Secretary of State David Scanlan Announces Leadership Team

Secretary of State David Scanlan announced his leadership team today.

These appointments are designed to maintain the non-partisan nature of the office with extremely qualified individuals who will provide the best possible service to the citizens of New Hampshire.  

Part II, Article 69 of the New Hampshire State Constitution requires the Secretary to have a deputy “at all times”. An individual has accepted the position of deputy secretary of state, but requires some time to organize the transition to the role. That individual’s name will be announced at the appropriate time. In the interim, Eric Forcier who currently serves as deputy secretary in the Bureau of Securities, will also serve as the constitutional deputy satisfying the constitutional requirement.

RSA 5:2-a establishes the position of senior deputy secretary of state who shall serve not more than 90 days in any one fiscal year. The senior deputy will exercise the duties and functions delegated to him or her with the authority of the secretary of state. Former state representative Patricia Lovejoy of Stratham who has a great deal of experience in the legislature and participating in recounts has been appointed to this position.

David Lang of Hampton who has been working in the Department of State overseeing the regulation of pooled risk management programs under RSA 5-B will also assume chief-of-staff duties.

Orville “Bud” Fitch will continue to serve as the legal counsel to the Secretary of State.

January 12, 2022