New Hampshire
Secretary of State

Notice Re. E-Notarization Law

                                           ELECTRONIC NOTARIZATION AND REMOTE NOTARIZATION

The New Hampshire Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, effective February 6, 2022, authorizes the performance of electronic notarization and remote notarization. A notary may perform remote notarization by means of live two-way audio-visual communication technology. Before providing these new services, notaries will be required to notify the Secretary of State’s office of the technology services and/or vendors the notary will purchase to provide these new services. Information on the procedure for notification will be available early next year.

The law requires notaries who wish to use electronic notarization or remote notarization capabilities to meet minimum technical performance requirements. Notary journals are required. Several technology service companies offer electronic and remote notarization systems. Each notary choosing to perform these services is responsible for verifying that the vendor the notary employs certifies that their system/services meet the statutory requirements in New Hampshire. A notary should also ensure that the system/services comply with industry-imposed requirements. Check with the Title Company and/or lender before using remote notarial services for any property transaction. A notary will need to confirm whether they accept remotely notarized documents for both insurance and deed recording purposes.

The Secretary of State’s office is working to update the Notary Public and Justice of the Peace Manual. The updated manual will include guidance on electronic notarization, remote notarization, and the keeping of journals. Please monitor this website early in 2022 for additional information on the technology vendor’s self-certification, electronic and remote notarization procedures, and FAQs.