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Ballot Law Commission

2020 Ballot Law Commission

2020-1 Appeal of Neil Misra re. late filing of Declaration of Candidacy | Decision of the Ballot Law Commission |

2020-2 Appeal of Moira Ryan - republican candidate for State Representative from Londonderry (Rockingham District 5). Ms. Ryan is registered as undeclared | Decision of the Ballot Law Commission |
2020-3 Decision of Secretary of State to remove Robert Joseph, Jr. - democratic candidate for State Representative from New Hampton (Belknap District 1) from the ballot.  Mr. Joseph is registered as undeclared | Decision of the Ballot Law Commission |

Agenda for September 17, 2020 Ballot Law Commission Meeting

2020-4  Challenge of the candidacy of Nicholas Sarwark for Hillsborough County Attorney | Decision of Ballot Law Commission

2020-5  Challenge of eligibility of Diane Kelley of Temple for election to state representative from Hillsborough District #25 | Decision of Ballot Law Commission

2020-6 Challenge regarding the eligibility of Mr. Robert Forsythe of Boscawen, NH to stand for election to the position of Merrimack House District 8 Representative | Decision of Ballot Law Commission

Consideration of Rules




Ballot Law Commission

2017 - 2018 Ballot Law Commission

2017-1   Complaint from John Babiarz re. filing as a Libertarian for a special election for State Representative in Grafton District 4.  Complaint of John Babiarz  | Written Decision   
2018 - 1 

The following reports were submitted to the Ballot Law Commission at a meeting held on May 29, 2018:

Qualified Voter Affidavit Statistics 2012-2017
Domicile Affidavit Statistics 2012-2017
Challenged Voter Affidavit Statistics 2012-2017
Voter Affidavit Statistics Power Point
Secretary of State Training Sessions
Attorney General Report of Investigation re. domicile and qualified voter affidavits May 2016-January 2017
Attorney General Election Law Complaint Status Report
Interstate Voter Registration Data Crosscheck Report
Data resulting from the Interstate Voter Registration Data Crosscheck
UNH Granite State Poll  

2018 - 2       Complaint from Darryl Perry, Former Chair of Libertarian Party of NH re. candidacy of Tom Alciere as a Libertarian candidate for Representative in Congress District No. 2Decision of Ballot Law Commission 
2018-3      Request of David Lovejoy to have his name placed on ballot for Rockingham County Sheriff - after missing filing deadline Decision of Ballot Law Commission 
2018-4  Challenge of Dan Hynes for State Senate submitted by Robert Heaps |Response from Dan Hynes Decision of Ballot Law Commission 
2018-5  Challenge of Jon Morgan for State Senate submitted by Susan Olsen Letter to Susan Olsen from BLC Chairman Bradford Cook | Letter to Jon Morgan from BLC Chairman Bradford Cook | Letter of complaint submitted by Senator Bill Gannon | Request to dismiss from Senator Elect Jon Morgan | Letter of withdrawal submitted by Senator Bill Gannon | Letter to State Senate from Chairman Cook | Decision of Ballot Law Commission | 
2018-6  Request of Gail Ober to review two challenged ballots from recount Challenged Ballot No. 1 | Challenged Ballot No. 2 | Decision of Ballot Law Commission | 

Ballot Law Commission

2015 - 2016 Ballot Law Commission

2016-1    Andrew Freund filed for County Commissioner in Hillsborough County during the filing period.  The Secretary of State rejected the filing since Mr. Freund did not live in the district he was attempting to file from.  Complaint of Andrew Freund Written Decision  
2016 - 2  Request of Senator Regina Birdsell to correct an error on her declaration of candidacy regarding the voluntary spending limits.  Written Decision 
2016 - 3  Request of Joseph McCaffrey to correct an error made when he was filing for State Representative at his clerk's office.  Written Decision 
2016-4  NH Democratic Party's Objection to the Placement on the General Election Ballot of Shawn O'Connor for the First Congressional DistrictNH Democratic Party's Exhibit for hearing | Written Decision ----  NH Democratic Party's Motion for Reconsideration | Shawn O'Connor's Objection to NH Democratic Party's Motion for Reconsideration NH Democratic Party's Reply to O'Connor's Objection Written Decision  
2015-1   Request for verification of checklist in Dover Wards 1-4   request   |   decision  
2015-2     Complaint Filed by Carmen Elliott re. TED CRUZComplaint Filed by Chris Booth re. TED CRUZ|  Addendum complaint filed by Booth Appearance by Attorney Gould - Response of Senator Cruz to petitions | Complaint from Candidate J. Daniel Dyas Ballot Law Commission upheld Secretary of State's Decision to Place Ted Cruz on the ballot | Written Decision  
2015-3  Complaint filed by Andy Martin re. BERNIE SANDERS | Complaint from Andy Martin to Secretary of State | Motion to recuse Brad Cook Martin letter to Cook to reconsider | Martin letter to reschedule | Martin motion to be heard by telephone Martin motion to issue subpoena | Martin request for court reporter | Supplemental motion to reschedule | NH Democratic Party re. Sanders | Martin petition for original jurisdiction Martin motion for continuance | Volinsky reply to challenge | Ballot Law Commission upheld Secretary of State's Decision to Place Bernie Sanders on the ballot Written Decision  
 2015 - 4  Complaint filed by Robert Laity re. MARCO RUBIO, TED CRUZ, BOBBY JINDAL and RICK SANTORUM Motion in opposition to dismiss | Response for Rubio from Atty. MacDonald | Ballot Law Commission upheld Secretary of State's Decision to place the above candidates on the ballot. Written Decision
2015 -5  Complaint filed by Fergus Cullen re. DONALD TRUMP | Response from Donald Trump | Ballot Law Commission upheld Secretary of State's Decision to place Donald Trump on the ballot Written Decision  

Ballot Law Commission

2010 - 2014 Ballot Law Commission


2014-1  Walter P. Havenstein for Governor - Decision
2014-2  Stacie Laughton for State Representative - Decision
2014-3  Allan Levene for Representative in Congress District 1 - Decision
2014-4  Petition of human - Decision
2014-5  Appeal of Thomas P. Stawasz Decision
2014-6     Appeal of Christopher E. Rietmann | Decision
2014-7  Complaint re. Eric P. Estevez - Document 1 - Document 2 | Decision  
2014 -8     Appeal of Kenneth Sheffert from Recount  -  Decision
2014-9 Appeal of Rep. Sylvia Gale from Recount  -  Decision



2012-1  Soracco for Congress Qualification Issue (withdrawn)        
2012-2  Joseph Haas Congressional Filing Appeal Decision 
2012-3           David Carleton Boyle - Candidate Issue | Decision
2012-4  Stuart Cooper Residency Issue   
2012-5  Virgil Goode - Candidate for President by Nomination Papers Decision  
2012-6      Joseph Haas Motion for Reconsideration | Reconsideration Decision  
2012-7  Anne Grassie Residency Challenge | Decision Reconsideration Decision  



2011-1  Craig "Tax Freeze" Freis | Decision
2011-2  Keith Russell Judd | Decision
2011-3  Joseph Haas, Jr. vs all Presidential Candidates (1) (2) | Decision
2011-4 Barack Obama Qualification Issue | Decision Request for re-hearing Decision



2010-1  Candidate Joseph "JR" Hoell | Decision 
2010-2  Libertarian Ken Blevens | Decision 
2010-3  BLC approval of security measure for electronic ballot counting devices recommended by the Electronic Ballot Counting Device Advisory Committee 
2010-4  Candidate Jean Max Darbouze | Decision 
2010-5  Candidate Alice Surago - Removal from Ballot  
2010-6  Challenged Ballots from State Rep Cheshire District 4 Recount 
2010-7  Challenged Ballots from State Rep Grafton District 6 Recount 
2010-8  Challenged Ballots from State Rep Hillsborough District 21 Recount 
2010-9  Challenged Ballots from State Rep Strafford District 2 Recount 
2010-10  Challenged Ballots from State Rep Strafford District 6 Recount 

Ballot Law Commission

2002 - 2004 Ballot Law Commission

2004-1 Accuvote Voting Machine Recertification
2004-2 Ken Blevens re. Filing of Nomination Papers | Decision
2004-3 not used
2004-4 not used
2004-5 Richard F. Bosa Petition | Secretary of State Memorandum of Law Request for Rehearing
2004-6 Randolph Holden re. Use of nicknames, includes petition by Smith, Quandt, Stone and Hoell Secretary of State Memorandum of Law Decision
2004-7 Ken Blevens re. Collection of Nomination Papers Reply to Petition Order Addendum Order
2004-8 Brad Dorsey re. Filing Nomination Papers | Decision
2004-9  Howard L. Wilson re. Validity of Nomination Papers | Petition 1 | Decision 
2004-11 Petition 2 | Decision
2004-10 Ralph Nader re. Nomination Papers | Petition filed by Kathleen Sullivan et al Petition filed by Democratic State Committee | Challenge by Kathleen Sullivan et al | Response by Ralph Nader | Decision 1 | Decision 2


2003-1  George Roberts - SB 2 Issue | Decision 
2003-2  Joseph A. Haas vs Candidates for U.S. President who pay by check | Decision Motion to Reconsider Decision 


2002-1 Joseph S. Haas, Jr. - Motion to Disqualify Candidates | Decision | Motion to Disqualify BLC members | Decision | Motion to Disqualify Attorneys as Candidates for State Representative
2002-2 Robert Kingsbury - Attorneys cannot be candidates challenge | Decision
2002-3 Howard Wilson - Complaint re. Brewster | Decision | Complaint re. Kahn | Decision
2002-4 Fergus Cullen Residency Issue | Decision
2002-5 Beth Rodd - Richard Kennedy Recount Issue | Decision
2002-6 McDonough vs Coughlin - Hillsborough County Attorney

Ballot Law Commission

1995 - 1997 Ballot Law Commission


Ballot Law Commission

1990 - 1994 Ballot Law Commission