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BALDWIN, Henry Ives

Henry Ives Baldwin

Henry I. Baldwin was born in Saranac Lake, NY on August 23, 1896. He received his B.A. degree from Yale University in 1919, his M.F. degree in 1922 and his Ph.D. degree in 1931. He served in the US Army Signal Corps in 1918-1919 and as a second lieutenant in the US Army Air Force in 1942-1946. He taught at Saranac Lake High School (1919-1920) and was the assistant to the dean at Yale University (1922) but most of his professional career was in research in forestry and related professions:

  • Chief of forest investigations for the Brown Company (a forest Products company in Berlin, NH) 1924-1932;
  • Research forester for the NH Forestry Commission 1933-1962;
  • Consultant to the State Planning Project between 1962-1965;
  • Professor of biology, Franklin Pierce College, 1965-1972:
  • Forester and land surveyor in private practice, 1972-1981.

He also served as trustee of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests 1966-1972; he was a Fellow in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Society of American Foresters and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He was voted a Life Member of the New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association. He was a consultant to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the National Resources Planning Board and the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. He was the author of several books. Baldwin died in Hillsborough, NH in December 1992. He was listed in Charles Brereton's New Hampshire Notables (Portsmouth, NH; NH Historical Soc/Randall, 1986), page 8.

His survey records were given to the N.H. Land Surveyors Association, which deposited the collection at the State Archives in August 1996. The collection was indexed by Paul Gendron of Nashua.

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DAVIS & Symonds

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DUDLEY & Sawyer

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JAMES, Orren M.

Orren M. James Survey Collection (1895 - 1938)

Orren M. James (sometimes known as Orrin M. James) was born in Northwood, NH about 1869. His father, Samuel James, was a farmer and land surveyor. Orren attended Coe's Northwood Academy in 1888 and then enrolled in New England College in 1889. He soon transferred to the Agricultural College in Durham, where he graduated from the Thompson School in 1893. At graduation, James read his paper, "New Hampshire Roads". He studied Civil Engineering at Harvard before returning home to enter business with George Lane of Chichester (about 1895).

After two years in business with Lane, James joined the New Hampshire Department of Roads. The Department was housed in the carriage house behind the house of his father. In 1902, James married Abbie Adelia Lane, the daughter of his former partner.

James believed in technological innovation and was one of the first in town to own an automobile (a Reo in 1906), to have electrical service (1925) and to have a telephone (early 1920s). A hard working man, he wrote, "Work is a good thing for a fellow when taken in moderate doses."

James was a member of the Grange and served on the Governor's Council. He played the flute in the Shriner's Band. He died in Northwood on December 13, 1938.

Chapter 30 of the laws of 1935 permitted the Governor and Council of New Hampshire to purchase engineering or surveying plans from the estates of deceased professionals if they are of benefit to the State. The only records purchased by the State under this law are these of Orren James. For a number of years, they were kept by the N.H. Highway Department but in 1982, these records were transferred to the Archives.

James understood the need to preserve old surveying plans and he kept or traced many town lotting plans. These plans are generally indexed by town first and then by land owner's name. There are exceptions to this rule, however, especially when the town couldn't be determined. The Archives staff needs to know the plan number, which follows the town, usually a 3 or 4-digit number (though occasionally a 6-digit number beginning with 450 or 451). Orren James' fieldbooks are also held at the Archives but a general index has not yet been created and finding the notes to support a particular plan will require the researcher to spend some time searching several books.


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Osborne Survey Plans


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Lew K. Perley was a civil engineer and land surveyor in Laconia, N.H. He was born on July 27, 1890, the son of Lewis S. and Clara K. Perley. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1912. The first entry in his fieldbooks was on March 16, 1914 and the final entry was in 1961 - 47 years in the career. During that time, Perley was a respected professional whose knowledge of property boundaries and legal rights grew vast. He died in Laconia on August 8, 1969.

Gordon Ainsworth Associates, an engineering firm with an office in Littleton, purchased the records and shortly thereafter donated them to the New Hampshire State Archives. The collection contains several types of media including blueprints, linens and paper prints. Each medium was indexed separately but have now been consolidated into a single index with the media marking in separate columns. For individuals needing more details than those shown on the plans, they should also then check the fieldbook index. The fieldbooks are indexed in a separate index. They contain the mathematical notes of the raw measurements made.


Perley Fieldbook Index 1914 - 1961

Perley Plan Index


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SCHAAL, Albert A.

Albert A. Schaal (1921 - 1984)

Albert A. Schaal was born in Manitoba, Canada in 1921. He served in the United States Army Air Force in the Pacific Campaign during World War II. He moved around, living at various times in Boston, Camden (Maine), and Vermont (where he ran a farm), before settling in Peterborough about 1966. He initially was connected wit the Dufresne and Henry engineering firm in Vermont, but was soon in his own business doing primarily surveying work in Hillsborough and Cheshire Counties. He designed a hydraulic plow lift for the Fischer snow plow manufacturer of Maine. Al also loved to sail, and instructed a boating safety course in Peterborough. He was a President of the New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association, receiving several awards for the contributions to the surveying profession. He died in Peterborough on October 30, 1984.

The survey collection was donated to the Archives by Schaal's family, arranged and transported through the efforts of Bill Bean and Doug Sweet of the NH Land Surveyors Association. The collection came with a log book, but an index was prepared by Bill Burns, a UNH survey student from Bedford, and Brian Nelson Burford in the Spring of 1993.

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WALLACE, Oliver P.

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