New Hampshire
Secretary of State



Baldini, Donald(Liberty Mutual Insurance)

Balkus, Gina(Granite State Home Health Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(Cigar Assoc Of NH)

Barry, Curtis(Community Loans Of America)

Barry, Curtis(Eagle Strike Entertainment)

Barry, Curtis(Express Scripts Holding Co)

Barry, Curtis(Freedom For All Americans)

Barry, Curtis(Gordon Darby Inc)

Barry, Curtis(Microsoft Corp)

Barry, Curtis(Motorola Solutions Inc)

Barry, Curtis(NH Assoc Of Broadcasters)

Barry, Curtis(NH Motor Speedway)

Barry, Curtis(NH Optometric Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(NH Retail Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(Northeastern Retail Lumber Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(Zenefits FTW Insurance Serv)

Bass, Charlie(Pulselight)

Benincasa, Nicole(Uber Technologies Inc)

Bennett, Daniel(NH Automobile Dealers Assoc)

Berke, Bruce A. (Altria Client Services LLC And Affiliates)

Berke, Bruce A. (Civics Proficiency Institute)

Berke, Bruce A. (Consumer Technology Assoc)

Berke, Bruce A. (Electrical Contractors Business Assoc)

Berke, Bruce A. (Equifax)

Berke, Bruce A. (Hospital Corporation Of America)

Berke, Bruce A. (National Federation Of Independent Business)

Berke, Bruce A. (National Grid)

Berke, Bruce A. (NE Convenience Store And Energy Marketers Assoc)

Berke, Bruce A. (Nextera Energy Seabrook Station

Berke, Bruce A. (NH Assoc Of Chiefs Of Police)

Berke, Bruce A. (NH College And University Council)

Berke, Bruce A. (NH Lodging And Restaurant Assoc)

Berke, Bruce A. (Northeast Delta Dental)

Berke, Bruce A. (Professional Insurance Agents Of NH)

Berke, Bruce A. (Schoolcare Health Benefit Plans Of The NH School Health Care Coalition)

Berke, Bruce A. (Sheehan, Phinney Capitol Group Addendum C)

Berke, Bruce A. (Ski NH)

Berke, Bruce A. (Unitil)

Berke, Bruce A. (Verizon)

Berry, Elliott(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Best, Robert(NH Medical Society)

Bianco, Jr., James J. ( Cubic Corporation)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (Bianco Prof Assn)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (Coalition Of Insurance And Financial Producers)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (Elliot Health System)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (General Motors LLC)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (ISO New England Inc.)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (New England Convenience Stores And Energy Marketers Assn)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (NH Association Of Realtors)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (NH Asson Of School Principals)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (NH Beverage Assn)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (NH Dental Society)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (NH Manufactured And Modular Housing Assn)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (NH Marine Trades Assn)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (NH Snowmobile Assn)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (Select Mgmt Resources LLC)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (T Mobile US Inc.)

Bianco, Jr., James J. (Wellcare Health Plans Inc.)

Bisbee, George D. (Devine Millimet And Branch PA)

Bisbee, George D. (NH Assn Of Natural Resource Scientists)

Bissonnette, Gilles(American Civil Liberties Union Of NH)

Bizarro Thunberg, Kathleen(New Hampshire Hospital Assoc)


Bissonnette, Gilles(American Civil Liberties Union Of NH)

Blaisdell, Robert(Alzheimers Association)

Blaisdell, Robert(Bank Of America)

Blaisdell, Robert(Centene Corporation)

Blaisdell, Robert(Comcast.)

Blaisdell, Robert(Consumer Healthcare Products Assn)

Blaisdell, Robert(Demers Blaisdell Prasol TOTAL)

Blaisdell, Robert(Eversource)

Blaisdell, Robert(Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund)

Blaisdell, Robert(Fedex)

Blaisdell, Robert(Mortgage Bankers And Brokers Assn Of NH)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Athletic Trainers Assn)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH City And Town Clerks Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Court Reporters Assn)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Drivers Education Teachers Assn)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Police Assn)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Speech Language Hearing Assn)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Tax Collectors Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Troopers Assn)

Blaisdell, Robert(NH Wine And Spirits Brokers Assn)

Blaisdell, Robert(North Country Environmental Services)

Blaisdell, Robert(Pfizer)

Blaisdell, Robert(Phrma)

Blaisdell, Robert(RAI Services Company)

Blaisdell, Robert(Tufts Health Freedom Plan Insurance Co)

Blaisdell, Robert(Walmart Stores Inc)

Bocour, Nicola (American For Responsible Solutions)

Boedeker, Mckayne(New England Citizens For Right To Work)

Bohne, Meg(Consumer Reports Inc)

Bosiak, Sara(Aggregate Manufacturers Of NH)

Bosiak, Sara(Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network)

Boucher, Travis(New Hampshire Hospital Assoc)

Bouley, Dick (APTA)

Bouley, Dick (Dennehy And Bouley LLC)

Bouley, Dick (Diamond Distributors)

Bouley, Dick (NH Nutrition Network)

Bouley, Dick (Outfront Media)

Bouley, Dick(Atlas)

Bouley, Dick(COG Railway)

Bouley, Dick(NH Opticians)

Bouley, Dick(Teamsters)

Bouley, Dick(UNH AAUP)

Bouley, Jim (Dennehy And Bouley LLC)

Bouley, Jim (NHANA)

Bouley, Jim(3M)

Bouley, Jim(Casella NCES)

Bouley, Jim(Conduent)

Bouley, Jim(Intralot)

Bouley, Jim(Kronos)

Bouley,Dick(NH Veterinarian)

Bourque, Kevin(Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Of America)

Bradley, Amy(Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund)

Bradley, Ben(Granite Health)

Braley, Philip(Alliance Energy LLC)

Brater, Jonathan(Brennan Center For Justice)

Bray, Stephanie(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Brown, Gail(NH Oral Health Coalition)

Brown, Marc I. (Advantage Government Affairs Inc.)

Brown, Marc I. (Alliance Of Automobile Manufacturers)

Brown, Marc I. (Corecivic Of Tennessee)

Brown, Marc I. (NE Ratepayers Assn)

Brown, Marc I. (Secorus Technologies Inc.)

Brunelle, Courtney E. (AFSCME)

Brunelle, Courtney(AFSCME)

Buchanan, Christopher(Walmart Stores Inc)

Buoniconti, Stephen(National Correctional Employees Union)

Burnett III, James P. (Advantage Government Affairs Inc.)

Burnett III, James P. (Alliance Of Automobile Manufacturers)

Burnett III, James P. (AT And T)

Burnett III, James P. (Corecivic Of Tennessee)

Burnett III, James P. (Secorus Technologies Inc.)


Campbell, David(NH Northcast Corp)

Carroll, Heather(The Alzheimers Assoc)

Cascone, Heather (Express Scripts Holding Co)

Casey, Michael(New England Citizens For Right To Wrok)

Chaffee, Devon(American Civil Liberties Union Of NH)

Chowaniec, Michael A. (Charter Communications Inc.)

Christina, Barrett(NH School Boards Assoc)

Clark, Tyler (APTA)

Clark, Tyler (Dennehy And Bouley LLC)

Clark, Tyler (Diamond Distributors)

Clark, Tyler (Outfront Media)

Clark, Tyler (White Mtn Bio Diesel)

Clark, Tyler(NH Opticians)

Clark, Tyler(NH Veterinarian)

Clegg, Robert(Addendum C)

Clegg, Robert(Advantage Capital)

Clegg, Robert(Biotechnology Innovation Organization)

Clegg, Robert(Granite Case Management)

Clegg, Robert(Injured Workers Pharmacy)

Clegg, Robert(New Hampshire Camp Directors Association)

Clegg, Robert(New Hampshire Coalition Against The Death Penalty)

Clegg, Robert(Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment)

Clegg, Robert(The Alliance For Solar Choice)

Clock, Kerry(Rights And Democracy NH)

Clock, Kerry(Rights And Democracy NH) (2)

Cohn, Joseph(Foundation For Individual Rights In Education)

Colantuono, Thomas (Elliot Health System)

Colantuono, Thomas (Select Mgmt Resources LLC)

Collins, David (American Express)

Collins, David (American Petroleum Institute)

Collins, David (Anthem Inc. And Its Affiliates)

Collins, David (Bedford Ambulatory Surgery Center)

Collins, David (Bequest, Inc.)

Collins, David (Blue Mountain Forest Assn)

Collins, David (City Of Rochester, NH)

Collins, David (Comcast Corp)

Collins, David (Cooperative Credit Union Association)

Collins, David (Dartmouth College)

Collins, David (Draftkings, Inc.)

Collins, David (Enbridge Inc.)

Collins, David (Eversource)

Collins, David (Expedia)

Collins, David (Explore Informational Services)

Collins, David (Fanduel, Inc.)

Collins, David (Fidelity Investment)

Collins, David (Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce)

Collins, David (Homeaway, Inc.)

Collins, David (International Franchise Assoc)

Collins, David (Merck Sharp And Dohme Corp.

Collins, David (National Assoc Of Fundraising Ticket Manufacturers)

Collins, David (National Sports Shooting Foundation)

Collins, David (NH Alliance Of Boys And Girls Clubs Inc.)

Collins, David (NH Assoc Of Aviation Businesses)

Collins, David (NH Independent Schools)

Collins, David (NH Off Highway Vehicle Assoc)

Collins, David (NH Wildlife Federation)

Collins, David (North Country Healthcare)

Collins, David (Oracle America Inc.)

Collins, David (RAI Services Company)

Collins, David (Rath, Young And Pignatelli PC)

Collins, Sean(Aircraft Owners And Pilots Assoc)

Connolly, Ross(Americans For Prosperity New Hampshire)

Cooper, Camille (National Assn To Protect Children)

Corkery, Catherine(NH Sierra Club)

Coronis, Kimberly(Breath New Hampshire)

Crawford, Bruce (Auto And Truck Recyclers Assn Of NH)

Cunningham, William(Ameresco Inc)

Currier, Thomas(Purdue Pharma LP)

Cuzzi, David(Addendum C)

Cuzzi, David(BAE Systems)

Cuzzi, David(Sig Sauer Inc)

Cuzzi, David(Velcro Companies)


D Allesandro, Christine (Mom S Rising

Dean, Mark W. (NH Electric Cooperative Inc.)

Dejoie, John(Child And Family Services)

Demers Blaisdell Prasol(Addendum C)

Demers, James(Alzheimers Association)

Demers, James(Bank Of America)

Demers, James(Centene Corporation)

Demers, James(Comcast)

Demers, James(Consumer Healthcare Products Assn)

Demers, James(Demers Blaisdell Prasol TOTALS)

Demers, James(Eversource)

Demers, James(Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund)

Demers, James(Fedex)

Demers, James(Mortgage Bankers And Brokers Assn Of NH)

Demers, James(NH Athletic Trainers Assn)

Demers, James(NH City And Town Clerks Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Court Reports Assn)

Demers, James(NH Driver Education Teachers Assn)

Demers, James(NH Police Assn)

Demers, James(NH Speech Language Hearing Assn)

Demers, James(NH Tax Collectors Assoc)

Demers, James(NH Troopers Assn)

Demers, James(NH Wine And Spirits Brokers Assn)

Demers, James(North Country Environmental Services)

Demers, James(Pfizer)

Demers, James(Phrma)

Demers, James(RAI Services Company)

Demers, James(Tufts Health Freedom Plan Insurance Co)

Demers, James(Walmart Stores Inc)

Dennehy, Mike (Concord Hospital)

Dennehy, Mike (Dennehy And Bouley LLC)

Dennehy, Mike(Kronos)

Dennehy, Mike(Opportunities Solutions Project)

Dietel, Robert(Home Builders And Remodelers Assoc Of NH)

Dietel, Roberti(New Hampshire Bankers Assoc)

Dolan, Dan(New England Power Generators Assoc)

Donnelly, Michael(Home School Legal Defense Assoc)

Doty, Mark(Weyerlaeuser Company)

Drought, Kay(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Dumit, Carine (Solarcity)

Dunn Jr, Robert(NH Electric Cooperative Inc)

Dunn Jr., Robert(NH Electric Cooperative Inc Corrected)

Dunn, Jr., Robert E. (Brain Injury Assoc Of NH)

Dunn, Jr., Robert E. (Catholic Medical Center)

Dunn, Jr., Robert E. (Devine Millimet And Branch PA)

Dunn, Jr., Robert E. (Greater Nashua Chamber Of Commerce)

Dunn, Jr., Robert E. (NH Health Care Assoc)

Dunn, Jr., Robert E. (NH Library Assoc)

Dunn, Jr., Robert E. (NH Nurse Practitioner Assoc)

Dunn, Jr., Robert E. (NH Nurses Assoc)

Dunn, Jr., Robert E. (NH Public Risk Management Exchange)

Dunn, Jr., Robert E. (Roman Catholic Bishop Of Manchester)

Dunn,Jr., Robert E. (AAA Northern New England)

Dunn,Jr., Robert E. (Fairpoint Communications)

Dustin, Sarah Mattson(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)


Edwards, Eddie(Craft Brew Alliance)

Edwards, Eddie(Labelle Winery)

Edwards, Eddie(NH Grocers Assoc)

Elliott, Samantha (Addendum C)

Elliott, Samantha (Primex)

Elliott, Samantha(Motion Picture Assoc Of America)

Eskeland, Jessica(New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic And Sexual Violence)

Fahey, Thomas(NH Bankers Assoc)

Fahey, Todd(AARP New Hampshire)

Fennessy, Nathan R. (American International Group)

Fortier, Timothy W. (NH Municipal Assoc)

Fox, Kathy Corey (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network)

Fox, Kathy Corey (Coalition Of Insurance And Financial Producers)

Fox, Kathy Corey (Elliot Health System)

Fox, Kathy Corey (General Motors LLC)

Fox, Kathy Corey (ISO New England Inc.)

Fox, Kathy Corey (New England Convenience Stores And Energy Marketers Assn)

Fox, Kathy Corey (NH Beverage Assn)

Fox, Kathy Corey (NH Dental Society)

Fox, Kathy Corey (NH Manufactured And Modular Housing Assn)

Fox, Kathy Corey (NH Marine Trades Assn)

Fox, Kathy Corey (NH Snowmobile Assn)

Fox, Kathy Corey (Select Mgmt Resources LLC)

Fox, Kathy Corey (T Mobile US Inc.)

Fox, Kathy Corey (Wellcare Health Plans Inc.)

Francisco, Rodney(Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc)

Frey, Kate E. (New Futures Inc.)

Frisch, Rebecca(TD Bank US Holding Company)

Funk, W John(New Hampshire Bankers Assoc)

Galla, Richard(SEA SEIU Local 1984)

Gallo, Geoffrey(Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP)

Gamache, Donna M. (Eversource Energy)

Gaston, Jams (American Federation Of Teachers NH)

Geiger, Susan S. (Consolidated Communications Holding Inc.)

Geiger, Susan S. (Lindt And Sprungli USA Inc.)

Geiger, Susan S. (Orr And Reno PA)

Giuffre, Mark (UPS)

Giuffre, Mark(UPS Amended)

Gorham, Margaret (American Chemistry Council)

Gossett, Kelley (Uber Technologies Inc.)

Gould, Bryan(Casella Waste Systems Inc)

Gould, Bryan(Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Of America)

Grimbilas, Jodi (Addendum C)

Grimbilas, Jodi (Bridgewater Power Company LLP)

Grimbilas, Jodi (Cisco Systems Inc.)

Grimbilas, Jodi (CVS Health)

Grimbilas, Jodi (DG Whitefield LLC)

Grimbilas, Jodi (Indeck Energy Services Inc.)

Grimbilas, Jodi (Select Management Resources LLC)

Grimbilas, Jodi (Springfield Power LLC)

Grimm, Christopher(Draftkings Inc)

Grimm, Christopher(Fanduel Inc)

Grip, Brian(Bank Of America Corporation)


Habbe, Stephe (American Diabetes Assn)

Hale, Ryan(NH Automobile Dealers Assoc)

Haley, Pierce (Distilled Spirits Council Of The US)

Haley, Pierce (Trugreen)

Halloran, Jean(Consumer Reports Inc)

Hamrick, Lindsay(Humane Society Of The United States)

Hansen, Michael(Consumer Reports Inc)

Hanson, Lindsay (Save The Children Action Network)

Harrell, Joshua (Merck Sharp And Dohme Corp)

Hatem, James V. (NH Water Well Assn)

Hatem, James V. (Nixon Peabody LLP)

Hatem, James V. (State Farm Insurance Co)

Hawkins, Brian(SEA SEIU Local 1984)

Heard, Rosemary(Concord Area Trust For Community Housing)

Higginbotham, Sarah(Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund)

Hodgdon, Christopher(Comcast NBC Universal)

Hodges, Paula(America Votes Amended)

Hodges, Paula(America Votes)

Hohenwarter, John(National Rifle Association Of America)

Holahan, Carol (New England Power Generators Assoc)

Holahan, Carol(NE Power Generators Assoc)

Horgan, Kathryn(Freedom For All Americans)

Horgan, Kathryn(NE Power Generators Assoc)

Horgan, Kathryn(NH Assoc Of Counties)

Hosmer, Andrew J. (Solar City)

Houde, Matthew S. (Dartmouth Hitchcock)

Hounsell, Mark(Teamsters Local 633)

Hounsell, William(City Of Berlin)

Hounsell, William(Conway Village Fire District)

Hounsell, William(Granite State Rural Water Association)

Hounsell, William(Lower Bartlett Water Precinct)

Hounsell, William(North Conway Water Precinct)

Hughes, Zachary(Uber Technologies Inc)

Iserman, Katrina(Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc)

Jasina, Erin(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Johnston, Cordell A. (NH Municipal Assoc)

Joyce, Mark V. (NH School Administrators Assoc)

Karoutas, Periklis(Addendum C)

Karoutas, Periklis(Advantage Capital)

Karoutas, Periklis(Biotechnology Innovation Organization)

Karoutas, Periklis(Injured Workers Pharmacy)

Karoutas, Periklis(New Hampshire Camp Directors Association)

Karoutas, Periklis(New Hampshire Coalition Against The Death Penalty)

Karoutas, Periklis(Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment)

Karoutas, Periklis(The Alliance For Solar Choice)

Kaysen, Mary(Bristol Myers Squibb Company0

Kepner, Molly (Kinesys Technologies)

Kepner, Molly (Martignetti Companies Of NH)

Kepner, Molly (Minuteman Health)

Kepner, Molly (Uber Technologies Inc.)

Kokoszyna, James(Allergan USA Inc)

Koutroubas, Alex (ACEC NH)

Koutroubas, Alex (Concord Hospital)

Koutroubas, Alex (CSNI)

Koutroubas, Alex (Dennehy And Bouley LLC)

Koutroubas, Alex (HID Global)

Koutroubas, Alex (NH Nutrition Network)

Koutroubas, Alex (NHANA)

Kratzer, Christopher (ACT Inc.)

Kroll, Heidi(Aggregate Manufactures Of NH)

Kroll, Heidi(America S Health Insurance Plans)

Kroll, Heidi(Autolotto Inc Multistate Associates Inc)

Kroll, Heidi(BJ Alan Company Phantom Fireworks)

Kroll, Heidi(Granite State Hydropower Assoc)

Kroll, Heidi(Home Builders And Remodelers Assoc Of NH)

Kroll, Heidi(Life Coping Inc)

Kroll, Heidi(Monadnock Paper Mills Inc)

Kroll, Heidi(National Academy Of Elder Law Attorneys)

Kroll, Heidi(New Hampshire Bankers Assoc)

Kroll, Heidi(Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network)

Krueger, Mary(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Kuenning, Keith(Child And Family Services)

Kuenning, Tess (Bi State Primary Care Association Inc.)


Labbe, Dennis(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Ladd, Carl M. (NH School Administrators Assoc)

Lamb, Stefanie G. (Business And Industry Assoc Of NH)

Lambert, Mark A. (Unitil Corporation)

Lamoreaux, Andrea(New Hampshire Lakes Assoc)

Lang, David(Professional Fire Fighters Of New Hampshire)

Lawrence, Katherine (ACT Inc.)

Leahy, Ed(Adapt Pharma Inc)

Lepore, Edmund(Addendum C)

Lepore, Edmund(Ameresco Inc)

Levy, Sam(Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund)

Licata, Michael(Liberty Utilities)

Lipman, Henry D. (NH Hospital Assn)

Long, Jessica (Draftkings Inc.)

Maccoll, Malcolm C. (Credit Suisse Securities USA LLC)

Maiola, Joel (Mclane Middleton Government And Public Strategies LLC0

Maiola, Joel(Exel Inc)

Maiola, Joel(NH Hospital Assoc)

Maiola, Joel(Well Sense Health Plan)

Maloney, Molly (AFSCME Council 93)

Mccary, Michael(National Correctional Employees Union)

Mcdougall, Jr., Frank G. (Dartmouth Hitchcock)

Mckernan, Timothy(Granite State Progress Education Fund)

Mckernan, Timothy(Granite State Progress)

Mckillop, David ( Dartmouth College)

Mckillop, David (American Express)

Mckillop, David (American Petroleum Institute)

Mckillop, David (Anthem Inc. And Its Affiliates)

Mckillop, David (Bedford Ambulatory Surgery Center)

Mckillop, David (Bequest, Inc.)

Mckillop, David (Blue Mountain Forest Assn)

Mckillop, David (Comcast Corp)

Mckillop, David (Cooperative Credit Union Assoc)

Mckillop, David (Draftkings, Inc.)

Mckillop, David (Enbridge Inc.)

Mckillop, David (Eversource)

Mckillop, David (Explore Informational Services)

Mckillop, David (Fanduel, Inc.)

Mckillop, David (Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce)

Mckillop, David (Homeaway, Inc.

Mckillop, David (International Franchise Assoc)

Mckillop, David (Merck Sharp And Dohme Corp)

Mckillop, David (National Assoc Of Fundraising Ticket Manufacturers)

Mckillop, David (National Sports Shooting Foundation)

Mckillop, David (NH Alliance Of Boys And Girls Clubs Inc.)

Mckillop, David (NH Assoc Of Aviation Businesses)

Mckillop, David (NH Independent Schools)

Mckillop, David (NH Off Highway Vehicle Assoc)

Mckillop, David (NH Wildlife Federation)

Mckillop, David (North Country Healthcare)

Mckillop, David (RAI Services Company)

Mckinney, Dawn(New Hampshire Legal Assistance)

Mcknight, Aly (New Futures Inc.)

Mclaughlin, Michael (Allstate Insurance)

Mclaughlin, Michael (Community Bingo)

Mclaughlin, Michael (Diamond Game)

Mclaughlin, Michael (PCIAA)

Mclaughlin, Michael (Schnitzen NE)

Mclaughlin, Michael (WNEHHA)

Mcnamara, Peter(NH Automobile Dealers Assoc)

Mcnutt, Douglas(AARP New Hampshire)

Mcquillen, William(Professional Fire Fighters Of New Hampshire)

Mcsparren, Robert(Bristol Myers Squibb Co)

Melissa, Bernardin (American Heart Assoc)

Merrill, Jim (Kinesys Technologies)

Merrill, Jim (Martignetti Companies Of NH)

Merrill, Jim (Minuteman Health)

Merrill, Jim (Uber Technologies Inc.)

Merritt, Michele D. (New Futures Inc.)

Meyer, Lucas S. (Solar City)

Milner, Glenn(American Association Of University Professors UNH Chapter)

Milner, Glenn(Cigar Association Of America Inc)

Milner, Glenn(State Employees Assoc Of NH SEIU Local 1984)

Minnehan, Paula(New Hampshire Hospital Assoc)

Moccia, Leann(Addendum C)

Moccia, Leann(Advantage Capital)

Moccia, Leann(Biotechnology Innovation Organization)

Moccia, Leann(Injured Workers Pharmacy)

Moccia, Leann(New Hampshire Camp Directors Association)

Moccia, Leann(New Hampshire Coalition Against The Death Penalty)

Moccia, Leann(Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment)

Moccia, Leann(The Alliance For Solar Choice)

Monahan, James(Apple Inc)

Monahan, James(Bi State Primary Care Assoc)

Monahan, James(C And J Trailways)

Monahan, James(Community Behavioral Health Assoc)

Monahan, James(Conservation Law Foundation)

Monahan, James(Crotched Mountain)

Monahan, James(Deloitte Consulting LLP)

Monahan, James(Freedom For All Americans)

Monahan, James(Harvard Pilgrim Health Care)

Monahan, James(Healthsouth)

Monahan, James(NE Power Generators Assoc)

Monahan, James(New Futures)

Monahan, James(Nextera Energy Resources LLC)

Monahan, James(NH Assoc Of Counties)

Monahan, James(NH Chiropractic Assoc)

Monahan, James(NH Motor Speedway)

Monahan, James(NH Sustainable Energy Assoc)

Monahan, James(NH Transmission LLC)

Monahan, James(North American Power And Gas)

Monahan, James(Pan American Railways)

Monahan, James(Reenergy Holdings LLC)

Monahan, James(The Conservation Campaign)

Montgomery, Howell (Granite Roots Public Solutions

Montgomery, Kayla(Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund)

Moore, Gregory(Americans For Prosperity New Hampshire)

Morin, Travis (New Futures Inc)

Murray, Joseph(FMR LLC)

Myers, Jenn(Professional Fire Fighters Of New Hampshire)