New Hampshire
Secretary of State


Abbott, Gary(Associated General Contractors Of NH)

Abbott, Will(Society For Othe Protection Of NH Forests)

Acres, Valerie J (American Staffing Assoc)

Acres, Valerie J (Capital Title Loan)

Acres, Valerie J (Electrical Constractors Business Assoc)

Acres, Valerie J (Hospital Corp Of America (Portsmouth Regional Hospital And Parkland Medical Center))

Acres, Valerie J (Leadingage Maine And NH)

Acres, Valerie J (Luxottica Retail North America Inc)

Acres, Valerie J (National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI NH))

Acres, Valerie J (NH College And University Council)

Acres, Valerie J (Northeast Delta Dental)

Acres, Valerie J(Granite State Home Health Assn)

Acres, Valerie J(Schoolcare Health Benefit Plans Of The NH School)

Ahnen, Steve(Addendum C)

Ahnen, Steve(NH Hospital Assoc)

Aissa, Evelyn (NH Voices For Health)

Alan, Larry(Nationwide Insurance Companies)

Allegretti, Daniel(Exelon Generation Co)

Allinson, Bradford J(Quantitative Management Associates LLC)

Alpert, Arnold(Addendum C)

Alpert, Arnold(American Friends Service Comm)

Antrobus, Andrew(Pfizer Inc)

Ardinger, William F (Fidelity Investments)

Aubrandi, Christine(Northeast Delta Dental)


Baldini, Don(Addendum C)

Baldini, Don(Liberty Mutual Insurance)

Balkus, Gina(Granite State Home Health Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(American Suntanning Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(Atlantic Traders)

Barry, Curtis(Express Scripts Holding Co)

Barry, Curtis(Merscorp Holdings Inc)

Barry, Curtis(New England Auto Finance)

Barry, Curtis(New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

Barry, Curtis(NH Assoc Of Broadcasters)

Barry, Curtis(NH Optometric Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(NH Transit Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(Northeastern Retail Lumber Assoc)

Barry, Curtis(Propane Gas Assoc Of NE)

Barry, Curtis(Retail Merchants Assoc Of NH)

Barry, Curtis(Scientific Games International)

Beaujouan(CVS Caremark)

Beaujouan, Karen(American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network)

Beaujouan, Karen(ASPCA)

Beaujouan, Karen(Bridgewater Power Co)

Beaujouan, Karen(Coalition Of Insurance And Financial Producers)

Beaujouan, Karen(DG Whitefield)

Beaujouan, Karen(Elliot Health System)

Beaujouan, Karen(General Motors)

Beaujouan, Karen(Indeck Energy Alexandria)

Beaujouan, Karen(Independent Oil Marketers Assoc Of NE)

Beaujouan, Karen(ISO New England)

Beaujouan, Karen(NH Assoc Of Realtors)

Beaujouan, Karen(NH Assoc Of School Principals)

Beaujouan, Karen(NH Dental Society)

Beaujouan, Karen(NH Manufactured And Modular Housing Assoc)

Beaujouan, Karen(NH Marine Trades Assoc)

Beaujouan, Karen(NH Psychiatric Society)

Beaujouan, Karen(NH Snowmobile Assoc)

Beaujouan, Karen(NH Soft Drink Assoc)

Beaujouan, Karen(Select Mgmt Resources Loan Max)

Beaujouan, Karen(Springfield Power)

Bennett, Daniel(NH Automobile Dealters Assoc)

Berke, Bruce A (American Staffing Assoc)

Berke, Bruce A (Casino Free NH)

Berke, Bruce A (Electrical Constractors Business Assoc)

Berke, Bruce A (Equifax)

Berke, Bruce A (Hospital Corp Of America (Portsmouth Regional Hospital And Parkland Medical Center))

Berke, Bruce A (Law Warehouses Inc)

Berke, Bruce A (Luxottica Retail North America Inc)

Berke, Bruce A (National Federation Of Independent Business)

Berke, Bruce A (National Grid)

Berke, Bruce A (Nextera Energy Seabrook Station)

Berke, Bruce A (NH Assoc Of Chiefs Of Police)

Berke, Bruce A (NH College And University Council)

Berke, Bruce A (NH Lodging And Restaurant Assoc)

Berke, Bruce A (NH Sheriff S Assoc)

Berke, Bruce A (Northeast Delta Dental)

Berke, Bruce A (Poet LLC)

Berke, Bruce A (Sheehan Phinney Capitol Group Addendum C)

Berke, Bruce A (Ski NH Inc)

Berke, Bruce A (Skillsoft)

Berke, Bruce A (Unitil)

Berke, Bruce A(7 Eleven Inc)

Berke, Bruce A(American Payroll Association)

Berke, Bruce A(DBA International)

Berke, Bruce A(New England Convenience Stores Assn)

Berke, Bruce A(NH Land Surveyors Association)

Berke, Bruce A(NH Society Of Certified Public Accountants)

Berke, Bruce A(Professional Insurance Agents Of NH)

Berke, Bruce A(Tobacco Related Issues For Altria Client Services Inc)

Berke, Bruce A(White Mountains Attractions)

Berry, Elliott (NH Legal Assistance Addendum C)

Berry, Elliott(NH Legal Assistance)

Bianco, James J, Jr(Addendum C)

Bianco, James(American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network)

Bianco, James(ASPCA)

Bianco, James(Bridgewater Power Co)

Bianco, James(Cisco Systems)

Bianco, James(Coalition Of Insurance And Financial Producers)

Bianco, James(CVS Caremark)

Bianco, James(DG Whitefield)

Bianco, James(Elliot Health System)

Bianco, James(Focus Technology)

Bianco, James(General Motors)

Bianco, James(GTECH Corp)

Bianco, James(Healthtrust)

Bianco, James(Indeck Energy Alexandria)

Bianco, James(Independent Oil Marketers Assoc Of NE)

Bianco, James(ISO New England)

Bianco, James(NH Assoc Of Realtors)

Bianco, James(NH Assoc Of School Principals)

Bianco, James(NH Dental Society)

Bianco, James(NH Manufactured And Modular Housing Assoc)

Bianco, James(NH Marine Trades Assoc)

Bianco, James(NH Psychiatric Society)

Bianco, James(NH Snowmobile Assoc)

Bianco, James(NH Soft Drink Assoc)

Bianco, James(Select Mgmt Resources Loan Max)

Bianco, James(Springfield Power)

Bizarro Thunberg, Kathleen(Addendum C)

Bizarro Thunberg, Kathleen(NH Hospital Assoc)


Bilodeau, Raymond J(NH Death Penalty Pepeal Campaign)

Blaisdell, Robert (Alzheimers Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert (Bank Of America)

Blaisdell, Robert (Cannery Casino Resorts)

Blaisdell, Robert (Centene Corporation)

Blaisdell, Robert (Comcast)

Blaisdell, Robert (Consumer Safety Technology)

Blaisdell, Robert (Demers And Blaisdell Inc)

Blaisdell, Robert (Demers And Blaisdell Inc) (2)

Blaisdell, Robert (FEDEX)

Blaisdell, Robert (IBM Corporation)

Blaisdell, Robert (IGT)

Blaisdell, Robert (International Bottled Water Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert (Mortgage Bankers And Brokers Assoc Of NH)

Blaisdell, Robert (Next Step Bionics And Prosthetics)

Blaisdell, Robert (NH Athletic Trainers Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert (NH Court Reporters Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert (NH Driver Education Teachers Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert (NH Police Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert (NH Speech Language And Hearing Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert (NH Troopers Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert (NH Wine And Sprits Brokers Assoc)

Blaisdell, Robert (North Country Environmental Services)

Blaisdell, Robert (Optimum Technology)

Blaisdell, Robert (Pfizer)

Blaisdell, Robert (PHRMA)

Blaisdell, Robert (Pilot Health LLC)

Blaisdell, Robert (PSNH)

Blaisdell, Robert (RAI Services Company)

Blaisdell, Robert (Walmart Stores Inc)

Blaisdell, Robert P (Demers And Blaisdell Inc)

Bohne, Meg(Consumers Union Of US Inc Dba Consumer Reports

Bourbeau, Joanne(Humane Society Of The US)

Bourque, Kevin(Addendum C)

Bourque, Kevin(Addendum C1)

Bourque, Kevin(Pharmaceutical Research And Manufact Of America)

Braley, Philip R (Casella Waste Systems Inc)

Brennan, Jan(Eisai Inc)

Brewer, Elizabeth(Sanofi)

Brown, Gail T(NH Oral Health Coalition)

Brown, Marc I(Addendum C)

Brown, Marc I(NE Ratepayers Assn)

Brown, Sheridan T(Addendum C)

Brown, Sheridan(NH Audubon)

Browne, Brendon (Addendum C)

Browne, Brendon(NEA NH)

Buck, Kendall(NH Home Builder Assoc)

Buckley, Kevin(Johnson And Johnson)

Butler, Judith Ann(Merk Sharp And Dohme)


Cascada, Laura(People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals Inc)

Cascone, Heather(Express Scripts Holding Co)

Cleary, Joseph(Bayer Corp)

Clegg, Robert (Biotechnology Industry Organization)

Clegg, Robert (Building Officials Assoc)

Clegg, Robert (Cigar Assoc Of NH)

Clegg, Robert (Heritage Case Management)

Clegg, Robert (Injured Workers Pharmacy)

Clegg, Robert (Legislative Solutions LLC)

Clegg, Robert (National Assoc Of Professional Employer Organizations)

Clegg, Robert (NH Assoc For Justice)

Clegg, Robert (NH Camp Directors Assoc)

Clegg, Robert (Pew Center On The States Of The Pew Charitable Trusts)

Clegg, Robert (Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment)

Coates, Nicholas J(NH Association Of Conservation Commisson)

Cohen, Richard(Disabilities Rights Center)

Colantuono, Thomas(Addendum C)

Colantuono, Thomas(Elliot Health System)

Colantuono, Thomas(Healthtrust)

Colantuono, Thomas(Select Mgmt Resources Loan Max)

Collins, David G (American Express)

Collins, David G (American Petroleum Institute)

Collins, David G (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Wellpoint)

Collins, David G (Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP)

Collins, David G (Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center)

Collins, David G (Blue Mountain Forest Assoc)

Collins, David G (Comcast Corporation)

Collins, David G (Correction Corporation Of America)

Collins, David G (CUNA Mutual Group)

Collins, David G (Dartmouth College)

Collins, David G (Explore Informational Services)

Collins, David G (Feld Entertainment Inc)

Collins, David G (Fidelity Investments)

Collins, David G (International Franchise Assoc)

Collins, David G (Merck Sharp And Dohme Corp)

Collins, David G (National Alliance Of Life Companies)

Collins, David G (National Shooting Sports Foundation Inc)

Collins, David G (NH Alliance Of Boys And Girls Club Inc)

Collins, David G (NH Ambulatory Surgery Assoc)

Collins, David G (Rath, Young And Pignatelli PC)

Collins, David(NH Credit Union League)

Collins, David(NH Independent Schools)

Collins, David(North Country Hospital Coalition)

Collins, David(Public Service Co Of NH)

Collins, David(Rai Services Co)

Collins, David(Spectra Energy)

Collins, David(Tracfone Wireless)

Connolly, Susan(Alliance Of Automobile Manufacturers)

Connolly, Susan(Nature Conservancy)

Connolly, Susan(NH Chiropractic Assoc)

Connolly, Susan(Northeastern Retail Lumber Assoc)

Connolly, Susan(Reenergy Holdings)

Cooper, Katherine (NH Assoc Of Criminal Defense Lawyers)

Corey Fox(ASPCA)

Corey Fox(NH Marine Trades Assoc)

Corey Fox, Kathy((NH Dental Society)

Corey Fox, Kathy(American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network)

Corey Fox, Kathy(Bridgewater Power Co)

Corey Fox, Kathy(Coalition Of Insurance And Financial Producers)

Corey Fox, Kathy(CVS Caremark)

Corey Fox, Kathy(DG Whitefield)

Corey Fox, Kathy(Elliot Health System)

Corey Fox, Kathy(Fair Funding For Invasives Control)

Corey Fox, Kathy(General Motors)

Corey Fox, Kathy(Indeck Energy Alexandria)

Corey Fox, Kathy(Independent Oil Marketers Assoc Of NE)

Corey Fox, Kathy(ISO New England)

Corey Fox, Kathy(NH Manufactured And Modular Housing Assoc)

Corey Fox, Kathy(NH Psychiatric Society)

Corey Fox, Kathy(NH Snowmobile Assoc)

Corey Fox, Kathy(NH Soft Drink Assoc)

Corey Fox, Kathy(Select Mgmt Resources Loan Max)

Corey Fox, Kathy(Springfield Power)

Corkery, Catherine(NH Sierra Club)

Coronis, Kimberly(Breathe New Hampshire)

Crawford, Bruce(Auto And Truck Recyclers Of NH)

Crawford, Bruce(NH Towing Association)

Currier, Thomas(Purdue Pharma LP)

Cuzzi, David(Addendum C)

Cuzzi, David(BAE Systems)

Cuzzi, David(Juliet Marine Systems)

Cuzzi, David(Velcro USA)


Dean, Mark(NH Electric Coop Inc)

Dejoie, John(NH Kids Count)

Del Deo,Stephen, J(NH Water Works Association)

Demers, James (Alzheimers Assoc)

Demers, James (American Financial Services Assoc)

Demers, James (Bank Of America)

Demers, James (Cannery Casino Resorts)

Demers, James (Centene Corporation)

Demers, James (Comcast)

Demers, James (Consumer Safety Technology)

Demers, James (Demers And Blaisdell Inc)

Demers, James (Demers And Blaisdell Inc) (2)

Demers, James (FEDEX)

Demers, James (IBM Corporation)

Demers, James (IGT)

Demers, James (International Bottled Water Assoc)

Demers, James (Mortgage Bankers And Brokers Assoc Of NH)

Demers, James (Next Step Bionics And Prosthetics)

Demers, James (NH Athletic Trainers Assoc)

Demers, James (NH Court Reporters Assoc)

Demers, James (NH Driver Education Teachers Assoc)

Demers, James (NH Police Assoc)

Demers, James (NH Speech Language And Hearing Assoc)

Demers, James (NH Troopers Assoc)

Demers, James (NH Wine And Sprits Brokers Assoc)

Demers, James (North Country Environmental Services)

Demers, James (Optimum Technology)

Demers, James (Pfizer)

Demers, James (PHRMA)

Demers, James (Pilot Health LLC)

Demers, James (PSNH)

Demers, James (RAI Services Company)

Demers, James (Walmart Stores Inc)

Devine Millimet And Branch(Addendum C)

Dietel, Robert J (Gallagher, Callahan And Gartrell PC)

Dietel, Robert J (Home Builders And Remodelers Assoc Of NH)

Dolan, Dan(NE Power Generators Assn)

Driscoll, Cheryl(NH Legal Assistance)

Dumais, John Michael(NH Death Penalty Repeal Campaign)

Dunn, Robert(AAA Northern New England)

Dunn, Robert(Catholic Medical Center)

Dunn, Robert(Fairpoint Comm)

Dunn, Robert(Greater Nashua Chamber Of Commerce)

Dunn, Robert(GS1 Global Public Policy)

Dunn, Robert(Hanover School District)

Dunn, Robert(NH Assoc Of Naturopathic Doctors)

Dunn, Robert(NH Catholic Charities)

Dunn, Robert(NH Electric Coop)

Dunn, Robert(NH Health Care Assoc)

Dunn, Robert(NH Library Assoc)

Dunn, Robert(NH Nurse Practitioner Assoc)

Dunn, Robert(NH Nurses Assoc)

Dunn, Robert(NH Public Television)

Dunn, Robert(NH Telephone Assoc)

Dunn, Robert(Primex3)

Dunn, Robert(Roman Catholic Bishop Of Manchester)

Dunn, Robert(US Cellular)

Dunn,Robert(Brain Injury Assoc Of NH)

Dupont, Edward(Alliance Of Automobile Manufacturers)

Dupont, Edward(Becket Family Of Services)

Dupont, Edward(Candj Trailways)

Dupont, Edward(Deloitte Consulting LLP)

Dupont, Edward(Eastern Propane)

Dupont, Edward(Gordon Darby)

Dupont, Edward(Harvard Pilgrim Health Care)

Dupont, Edward(Honeywell International Inc)

Dupont, Edward(HP Enterprise Serv)

Dupont, Edward(M And R Strategic Services)

Dupont, Edward(Microsoft Corp)

Dupont, Edward(New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

Dupont, Edward(Propane Gas Assoc Of NE)

Dupont, Edward(Scientific Games International)

Durand, William D (New England Cable And Telecommunications Assoc Inc)


Ehrenberg, Kurt(New Hampshire AFL CIO)

Epler, Gary (Unitil Corporation)

Eskeland, Jessica(N H Coalition Against Domestic And Sexual Violence)

Fahey, Thomas F (NH Bankers Assoc)

Feltes, Daniel (NH Legal Assistance Addendum C)

Felts, Daniel(NH Legal Assistance)

Felts, Daniel(The Way Home)

Felts, Daniel(Tina Fournier)

Fisher, Martin W(Distilled Spirits Council Of The United States)

Fisher, Martin W(Willert Home Products)

Fogarty, Margaret(Addendum C)

Fogarty, Margaret(American Friends Service Comm)

Forbes, Karyn(Alpha Bits Learing Center)

Fortier, Timothy W (NH Municipal Assoc)

Foss, Carol R(Audubon Society Of NH)

Fournier, Deborah(NH Fiscal Policy Institute)

Fox, Kathy Corey(Addendum C)

Frisch, Rebecca(TD Bank US Holding Co)

Funk, W John(Addendum C)

Funk, W. John (NH Bankers Assoc)

Gallo, Geoffrey A(Addendum C)

Gallo, Geoffrey A(Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP)

Gamache, Donna (PSNH Addendum C)

Gamache, Donna M(Public Service Of NH)

Gcglaw Realty LLC

Gehshen, Shelly (The Pew Charitable Trusts)

Gehshen, Shelly(Pew Charitable Trust)

Geiger, Susan G (Orr And Reno PA)

Geiger, Susan S(Comcast)

Geiger, Susan S(Technology Exclusive Inc)

Geiger, Susan(Technology Exclusive Inc)

Getz, Thomas B (Northeast Utilities Addendum C)

Getz, Thomas(Northeast Utilities)

Goldwasser, Rachel A(EDP Renewables North America LLC)

Goldwasser, Rachel(Electricity NH ENH Power)

Goldwasser, Rachel(Riverstone Resources)

Goldwasser, Rachel(Transcanada Hydro Northeast)

Goldwasser, Rachel(Wagner Forest Mgmt)

Gould, Bryan K (Casella Waste Systems Inc)

Gould, Bryan K (Cleveland, Waters And Bass PA Addendum C)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Addendum C)

Grimbilas, Jodi(American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network)

Grimbilas, Jodi(ASPCA)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Bridgewater Power Co)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Cisco Systems)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Coalition Of Insurance And Financial Producers)

Grimbilas, Jodi(CVS Caremark)

Grimbilas, Jodi(DG Whitefield)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Elliot Health System)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Fair Funding For Invasives Control)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Focus Technology)

Grimbilas, Jodi(General Motors)

Grimbilas, Jodi(GTECH Corp)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Healthtrust)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Indeck Energy Alexandria)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Independent Oil Marketers Assoc Of NE)

Grimbilas, Jodi(ISO New England)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Assoc Of Realtors)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Assoc Of School Principals)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Dental Society)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Manufactured And Modular Housing Assoc)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Marine Trades Assoc)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Psychiatric Society)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Snowmobile Assoc)

Grimbilas, Jodi(NH Soft Drink Assoc)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Select Mgmt Resources Loan Max)

Grimbilas, Jodi(Springfield Power)

Grip, Brian(Bank Of America Corp)


Habbe, Stephen(American Diabetes Association)

Hackman, Andrew R(Willert Home Products)

Hale, Debra (Liberty Utilities)

Hale, Debra I(Liberty Utilities Corp)

Hale, Ryan(NH Automobile Dealers Assoc)

Haley, Pierce J(Addendum C)

Haley, Pierce J(Distilled Spirtis Council Of The United States)

Haley, Pierce J(Willert Home Products)

Halloran, Jean(Consumer Union Of United States Consumer Reports)

Hamrick, Lindsay(The Humane Society Of The United States)

Hansen, Michael(Consumer Union Of United States Consumer Reports)

Harris, Frank(Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

Harris, Rebecca(Transport NH)

Hatem, James(Addendum C)

Hatem, James(New Hampshire Water Well Assoc)

Hatem, James(Pla Fit Franchise)

Hatem, James(State Farm Insurance Co)

Hawkins, Brian(SEA SEIU Local 1984)

Heard, Rosemary(Concord Area Trust For Comm Housing)

Hennequin, Sandi(New England Power Generators Association)

Hodgdon, Christopher (Comcast NBC Universal Addendum C)

Hodgdon, Christopher (Comcast NBC Universal Addendum C) 2

Hodgdon, Christopher (Comcast NBC Universal Addendum C) 3

Hodgdon, Christopher (Comcast NBC Universal Addendum C) 4

Hodgdon, Christopher (Comcast NBC Universal Addendum C) 5

Hodgdon, Christopher(Comcast NBC Universal)

Hohenwarter, John(National Rifle Association Of America)

Houde, Matthew S(Dartmouth Hitchcock)

Houde, Matthew(Addendum C)

Hounsell, William J (William Hounsell Consulting Addendum C)

Hounsell, William J(Granite State Rural Water Association)

Hounsell, William J(Lower Bartlett Water Precinct)

Hounsell, William J(North Conway Water Precinct)

Howe, Lisa Kaplan(NH Voices For Health)

Iserman, Katrina(Addendum C)

Iserman, Katrina(Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc)

Jencks, Kary(NH Citizens Alliance)

Johnson, Nancy(American Lung Assoc Of NH)

Johnson, Nancy(Greater Hampton Chamber Of Commerce)

Johnson, Nancy(Greater Portsmouth Chamber Of Commerce)

Johnson, Nancy(Greater Rochester Chamber Of Commerce)

Johnson, Nancy(Greater Somersworth Chamber Of Commerce)

Johnson, Nancy(Humane Society Of The US)

Johnson, Nancy(NH Assoc Of Assessing Officials)

Johnson, Nancy(NH Assoc Of Regional Planning Comm)

Johnson, Nancy(NH City And Town Clerks Assoc)

Johnson, Nancy(NH Planners Assoc)

Johnson, Nancy(NH Podiatrist Medical Assoc)

Johnston, Cordell A (NH Municipal Assoc)

Joyce, Mark(N H School Administrators Assoc)

Juvet, David(Business And Industry Assoc)

Karoutas, Periklis (Biotechnology Industry Organization)

Karoutas, Periklis (Building Officials Assoc)

Karoutas, Periklis (Cigar Assoc Of NH)

Karoutas, Periklis (Injured Workers Pharmacy)

Karoutas, Periklis (Legislative Solutions LLC)

Karoutas, Periklis (National Assoc Of Professional Employer Organizations)

Karoutas, Periklis (NH Assoc For Justice)

Karoutas, Periklis (NH Camp Directors Assoc)

Karoutas, Periklis (Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment)

Kelly, Karen(NH Citizens Alliance)

Ketzer, William J(Amer Society For The Prevent Of Cruelty To Animals)

Kokoszyna, James(Allergan)

Kolb, Ellen(Cornerstone Action)

Kroll, Heidi L (Aggregate Manufacturers Of NH)

Kroll, Heidi L (America S Health Insurance Plans (AHIP))

Kroll, Heidi L (B.J. Alan Company Phantom Fireworks)

Kroll, Heidi L (Granite State Hydropower Assoc)

Kroll, Heidi L (Home Builders And Remodelers Assoc Of NH)

Kroll, Heidi L (Life Coping Inc)

Kroll, Heidi L (National Academy Of Elder Law Attorneys)

Kroll, Heidi L (NH Bankers Assoc)

Kroll, Heidi L (Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network)

Kroll, Heidi L (Progressive Insurance)

Kuenning, Keith(Child And Family Services)

Kuenning, Tess(Bi State Primary Care Assoc)


Lacey, Diana(SEA SEIU Local 1984)

Lamareaux, Andrea(NH Lakes Assoc)

Lambert, Mark (Unitil Corporation)

Lang, David(The Professional Fire Fighters Of NH)

Leberman, Peter(Northeast Delta Dental)

Leboe, John E(NH Chapter Of The National Acad Of Elder Law Attys)

Lehmann, Suzan(ADP Totalsource)

Lehmann, Suzan(American Payroll Assoc)

Lehmann, Suzan(Law Warehouses)

Lehmann, Suzan(NH High Technology Council)

Lehmann, Suzan(Phoenix Houses Of NE)

Lipman, Henry(Addendum C)

Lipman, Henry(LRG Healthcare)

Lucas, Tricia(New Futures Inc)

Maccoll, Malcom(Credit Suisse Securities)

Mackenzie, Mark (NH AFL CIO Addendum C)

Mackenzie, Mark(New Hampshire AFL CIO)

Madrazo, Paul(Glaxosmithkline)

Maiola, Joel(Exel Inc)

Maiola, Joel(Gamma Media Inc)

Maiola, Joel(Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP)

Maiola, Joel(Merchants Automotive Group)