Professional Bondsmen Requirements

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    1. Prior to registering as a Professional Bondsman, the applicant must obtain a New Hampshire Property & Casualty Insurance Agent license.  For further information contact the New Hampshire Insurance Department.
    2. Review New Hampshire statutory law regarding Professional Bondsmen at RSA 598-A.
    3. Review the Professional Bondsmen Application Checklist.
    4. Contact the Bureau of Securities Regulation to set up date and time for Bondsman exam.
    5. Exam FEE - $400 (payable to the State of New Hampshire).
    6. Initial registration FEE - $100 per county in which the Bondsman will be authorized to write bail (payable to the State of New Hampshire).
    7. Annual renewal registration FEE - $100 per county on or before December 31st of each year (payable to the State of New Hampshire).
    8. Bail recovery activities require filing of proof of $300,000 liability insurance. RSA 597:7-b