Private Placements

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    Exemptions under the Securities Act of 1933


    Rule 506.  For an offering under Regulation D, Rule 506, a notice filing with the Bureau must be made under New Hampshire RSA 421-B:3-302(c).  The fee is $500. 

    Other Offerings.  For any other offerings under 3(b) or 4(2), including Regulation D, Rule 504, a registration filing may be necessary under RSA 421-B:3-304 (see Public Offerings).  For fees, please refer to RSA 421-B:6-614

    For a complete guide to Regulation D Offerings, please refer to 17 CFR 230.501 through 17 CFR 230.508, by following the links below, made available by the United States Government Printing Office.  (NOTE: Direct links to the GPO database are often slow and do not always respond correctly.  Be patient and if you receive a message that the file cannot be found, click the "Back" button on your browser and try again.) 

    Questions regarding qualifications and requirements for Regulation D Offerings should be directed to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Office of Small Business at (202)-942-2950. 

    Questions regarding New Hampshire filing requirements should be directed to the Bureau of Securities Regulation at (603) 271-1463.