Hawker and Peddler

  •    RSA 320:1 Definition.  The terms "hawker" and "peddler" shall mean and include any person, as defined by RSA 358-A:1, either principal or agent, who: 
            I.  Travels from town to town or from place to place in the same town selling or bartering or carrying for sale or barter or exposing therefor, any goods, wares, or merchandise, either on foot or from any animal, cart, or vehicle; or 

           II.  Travels from town to town, or place to place in the same town, offering to perform personal services for household repairs or improvements, or solicits or induces any person to sign any contracts relating to household repairs and improvements, including contracts for the replacement or installation of siding on any residence or building; or   

          III.  Keeps a regular place of business, open during regular business hours at the same location, but who offers for sale or sells and delivers, personally or through his agents, at a place other than his regular place of business, goods, wares or merchandise.  

    RSA 320:8 State Licenses.  

        I. Upon compliance with this section and upon payment of $50 for a state license, the Secretary of State may grant special state licenses.  Applications for such licenses shall be made upon blanks prepared by the Secretary of State requiring such information regarding the applicant's character and qualifications as the Secretary shall deem pertinent.  

        II. Any person so licensed may do business as a hawker and peddler in any city or town in this state, provided the licensee complies with all local ordinances, bylaws and regulations, including those adopted under RSA 31:102-a.  If an applicant, not a natural person, applies for a license under this chapter the sum of $5,000 deposited with the Secretary of State in cash or surety bond shall be required, and the employees or agents of such corporation shall remain effective for at least 60 days under the annual renewal date.  All such agents or employees shall be permitted to apply for licenses under such cash payment or surety bond.  

        III. The annual license renewal fee shall be $50.  At the time the renewal fee is submitted to the Secretary of State, the licensee shall:
            (a) Update information pertaining to license, if necessary.
            (b) Submit written proof that any surety bond required by paragraph II is in effect and will remain in effect as required in paragraph II.