Vital Records Access Policies

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    New Hampshire vital records are considered to be private and access to them is restricted by statute to those individuals who have a "direct and tangible interest" in the record.  To view all of the disclosure limitations to our records, click on this link to our statute: RSA 5-C:9.  Certain older records are exempted from these access restrictions:  "Birth records more than 100 years old and death, marriage, and divorce records more than 50 years old shall be considered part of the public domain."  (RSA 5-C:105)

    Individuals wishing to research these "genealogical" records may do so by visiting our "Genealogical Research Center" that is located at our site at 9 Ratification Way (formerly 71 South Fruit Street), Concord, NH 03301.  Alternatively, upon receipt of a completed application, positive identification and the required fee, Vital Records staff will research records for you.