State House, Concord, New Hampshire 
January 3, 2019, 3:30 p.m. 


                              STATE TREASURY
#1           Authorize that the State Treasurer shall invest and reinvest any surplus funds of the state, in accordance with the provisions of RSA 6:8.   (2)Further authorize that the State Treasurer, be and hereby is, designated to act as Custodian of all such funds as have been previously placed in his custody as State Treasurer, and of other trust funds of the State. 

#2           Authorize the list of revolving funds, as detailed in letter dated December 18, 2018, for which the State Treasurer holds receipts, be renewed for the ensuing two years, in the total amount of $405,573.78. 

#3           Authorize the State Treasurer to make payment of rightful owner claims of abandoned or unclaimed funds that have escheated to the general fund, upon receipt of sufficient proof of the validity of such claims and shall report quarterly to the G&C on the actual disbursements of such payments.  (2)Further authorize the Comptroller to issue a warrant from funds not otherwise appropriated in such amounts as required to pay the aforementioned claims, pursuant to RSA 471-C:31-a. 

                              DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES 
#4           Authorize the list of Governor and Council meeting dates for the period of January through June 2019.