November 14, 2018 


#A.         Authorize the Division of Parks and Recreation, Cannon Mountain Ski Area, to select as sole source, a new Prinoth Bison S. Tier Snow Groomer to be used for mountain ski operations financed through an equipment lease agreement with Signature Public Funding Corp.  Effective upon G&C approval.  100% Agency Income.  (2)Further authorize the exercise a second yearly equipment lease financing option by entering into a Tax Exempt Equipment Lease Financing Agreement with Signature Public Funding Corp., Greenwich, CT, in the total amount of $370,612.69 for a 4-year annual lease schedule for the new Prinoth Bison S Tier Snow Groomer.  Effective upon G&C approval through November 15, 2022, with the option to seek yearly equipment lease financing with SPFC for subsequent equipment lease schedules over the next 2 years upon G&C approval.  The original Tax Exempt Equipment Lease Financing Agreement was approved by G&C on 12-7-16, item #43.  100% Agency Income. 

                              DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 
#B.         Authorize the petition of Brook the Turkey requesting a pardon hearing for the offense of Theft by Unauthorized Taking should be granted.  The petitioner is not eligible for an annulment.