April 11, 2018 



#A           Authorize the Division of Public Works Design and Construction to enter into a contract amendment with ECS, Inc. Brentwood, NH for the Steam Conversion at the Main Annex and Twitchell Buildings at Hugh Gallen State Office Park South, Concord, NH, which was approved by G&C on September 27, 2017 by increasing the base contract amount by $414,706 from $2,236,714 to $2,651,420. This amendment will be effective upon G&C approval through October 15, 2018 unless extended in accordance with the contract terms. 58% General Funds, 42% Transfer Funds. 

                        DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 
#B           Authorize, with the Department of Safety to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement for $300,000 to support the administration of the State of New Hampshire's Highway Truck Weight Safety program, effective upon Governor and Executive Council approval through September 30, 2020. 100% Federal Funds.