2020-04 #23 Temporary modification of municipal and local government statutory requirements.
2020-04 #22 Authorization of emergency funding for child protection services
  2020-04 #21 Establishment of the COVID-19 Emergency Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Relief Fund 
  2020-04 #20 Temporary emergency wage enhancement for New Hampshire Liquor Commission retail employees 
  2020-04 #19 Extension of Emergency Order #1 (temporary remote instruction and support for public K-12 school districts) 
  2020-04 #18 Temporary Modifications to Department of Safety Laws and Regulations 
  2020-04 #17 Closure of non-essential businesses and requiring Granite Staters to stay at home - Exhibit A 
  2020-04 #16 Temporary prohibition on scheduled gatherings of 10 or more attendees 
  2020-04 #15 Temporary authorization for out of state medical providers to provide medically necessary services and provide services through telehealth 
  2020-04 #14 Temporary authorization for out-of-state pharmacies to act as a licensed mail-order facility within the State of New Hampshire 
  2020-04 #13 Temporary allowance for New Hampshire pharmacists and pharmacies to compound and sell hand sanitizer over the counter ("OTC") and to allow pharmacy technicians to perform non-dispending tasks remotely 
  2020-04 #12 Temporary modification of public access to meetings under RSA 91-A 
  2020-04 #11 Temporary authority to perform secure remote online notarization 
  2020-04 #10 Requiring all sellers of groceries to temporarily transition to use of single use paper or plastic bags. 
  2020-04 #9 Establishment of COVID-19 Emergency Healthcare System Relief Fund 
  2020-04 #8 Temporary expansion of access to Telehealth Services to protect the public and health care providers. 
  2020-04 #7 Temporary Modifications of data and privacy governance plans 
  2020-04 #6 Temporary authorization for take-out or delivery of beer or wine. 
  2020-04 #5 Access to State unemployment benefits for individuals impacted by COVID-19 
  2020-04 #4 Temporary prohibition on evictions and foreclosures. 
  2020-04 #3 Temporary prohibition on disconnection or discontinuance of certain services.
  2020-04 #2 Temporary prohibition on schedule gatherings of 50 or more attendees and onsite food and beverage consumption. 
  2020-04 #1 Temporary remote instructions and support for public K-12 school districts. 
  2020-04 An Order declaring a state of emergency due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  2020-03 An Order establishing the Council for Thriving Children as New Hampshire's Early Childhood Council.
  2020-02 An Order establishing a United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Trade Council. 
  2020-01  An Order Regarding Respect and Civility in the Workplace. 


2017-01 An Order establishing a Judicial Selection Commission   


2017-02 An Order regarding Executive Branch regulatory reform.  


2017-03 An order suspending licensing requirements for United States Department of Veterans Affairs physicians due to flooding at the Manchester, NH Veterans Affairs medical Center   
    2017-04 An order re-establishing the Governor's Commission on the Humane Treatment of Animals   
           2017-05 An order amending Executive Order 2017-04 re. Governor's Commission on the Human Treatment of Animals   
    2017-06 An order establishing the Lake Sunapee Public Boat Access Development Commission   
    2017-07 An order establishing the Governor's Millennial Advisory Council   
    2017-08 An order establishing the FirstNet Opt-Out Review Committee   
    2017-09 An order establishing the Governor's Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion  

2018-01 An order initiating creation of one coordinated State operation for the provision of veterans services 

       2018-02 An order extending the effective period for Executive Order 2017-3 
   2018-03 An order transferring the town of Plymouth from New Hampshire Planning Region 1 to New Hampshire Planning Region 2 
  2018-04 An order establishing the  Save Our Summers Study Commission 
         2019-01 An order establishing the New Hampshire Opioid Overprescribing and Misuse Project Advisory Council 


2019-02 An order establishing the Governor's Advisory Commission on Mental Illness and the Corrections System 
  2019-03 An order establishing the Statewide Oversight Commission on Mental Health Workforce Development 
  2019-04 An order improving transparency, streamlining operations, and establishing a Division of Performance Evaluation and Innovation at the Department of Health and Human Services 
  2019-05 An order providing for State Government employment opportunities for qualified current and former members of the New Hampshire National Guard 
  2019-06 An order preparing New Hampshire for future offshore wind development and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Offshore Renewable Energy Task Force 
  2019-07 An order directing the improvement of licensing and credentialing processes and procedures for the purpose of enhancing the State's Medicaid to Schools Program. 
  2019-08 An order promulgating an Infants in the Workplace Policy for the Executive Branch.