2017-01 An Order establishing a Judicial Selection Commission   


2017-02 An Order regarding Executive Branch regulatory reform.  


2017-03 An order suspending licensing requirements for United States Department of Veterans Affairs physicians due to flooding at the Manchester, NH Veterans Affairs medical Center   
    2017-04 An order re-establishing the Governor's Commission on the Humane Treatment of Animals   
           2017-05 An order amending Executive Order 2017-04 re. Governor's Commission on the Human Treatment of Animals   
    2017-06 An order establishing the Lake Sunapee Public Boat Access Development Commission   
    2017-07 An order establishing the Governor's Millennial Advisory Council   
    2017-08 An order establishing the FirstNet Opt-Out Review Committee   
    2017-09 An order establishing the Governor's Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion  

2018-01 An order initiating creation of one coordinated State operation for the provision of veterans services 

       2018-02 An order extending the effective period for Executive Order 2017-3 
   2018-03 An order transferring the town of Plymouth from New Hampshire Planning Region 1 to New Hampshire Planning Region 2 
  2018-04 An order establishing the  Save Our Summers Study Commission 
         2019-01 An order establishing the New Hampshire Opioid Overprescribing and Misuse Project Advisory Council 


2019-02 An order establishing the Governor's Advisory Commission on Mental Illness and the Corrections System 
  2019-03 An order establishing the Statewide Oversight Commission on Mental Health Workforce Development 
  2019-04 An order improving transparency, streamlining operations, and establishing a Division of Performance Evaluation and Innovation at the Department of Health and Human Services 
  2019-05 An order providing for State Government employment opportunities for qualified current and former members of the New Hampshire National Guard
  2019-06 An order preparing New Hampshire for future offshore wind development and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Offshore Renewable Energy Task Force
  2019-07 An order directing the improvement of licensing and credentialing processes and procedures for the purpose of enhancing the State's Medicaid to Schools Program.