December 16, 2015

A1.    Authorize the Department; Office of Information Services to enter into a sole source amendment to an existing contract with Xerox State Healthcare, LLC to develop and operating the State’s Medicaid Management Information System by increasing the price limitation by $1,162,790, to an amount not to exceed $146,203,083.  Effective upon G&C approval though March 31, 2018. 90% Federal Funds; 10% General funds for DEI, and 75% Federal funds; 25% General funds for operations.  

#A2.        Authorize the Department; Division of Client Services to enter into an agreement with Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc. for the management of the transportation benefit offered to members of the New Hampshire Health Protection Assistance Program and Medicaid fee-for-service on a statewide level in an amount not to exceed $7,122,000 effective upon G&C approval though December 31, 2016.  85.3% Federal funds; 14.7% General funds.  

#A3.        Authorize the Department; Office of Medicaid Business and Policy to amend existing individual agreements with the state’s two managed care health plans listed in the letter dated December 14, 2015.  Effective upon G&C approval January 1, 2016- June 30, 2017.