Collections that might be useful in researching land titles: 

Provincial Deeds, 1670-1772 

Rockingham County Deeds, 1772-c.1840 

Town Charters 

Town Records (for some towns) 

Masonian Plans (layouts -- some showing lots & ranges -- at time of charter of establishment of towns with Masonian Curve) 

Town Plans of 1805 (shows boundaries of each town, other detail varies depending on the surveyor) 

Surveyors' Records -- plans, fieldbooks, research notes 

Road and Highway layouts of state roads, c.1790-c.1900.  Not all cities/towns have been digitized at this time however Archives will add them to this site as we are able.

Provincial Court Records., c.1650-1772 

County Court Records;
    Rockingham, 1772-c.1920
    Merrimack, c.1825-c.1885
    Hillsborough, 1772-c.1880
    Sullivan [not processed]
    Strafford [not processed] 

Provincial Probate;
    Provincial: ca. 1650-1771
    Rockingham County: 1771-1912
    Hillsborough County: 1771-1932
    Cheshire County: 1771-1959
    Grafton County: 1773-1950
        For other counties, contact the Register of Probate
        for those counties for records later than these dates. 

Perambulations of town boundaries (for many towns) 

State boundaries with Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine 

Connecticut River boundary dispute records 

White Pine Blister rust maps, 1930s, 1950s, for towns affected 

Railroad establishment records, c.1840-c.1920 

Petitions (to Legislature, to Governor and Executive Council) (1679-1821+) 

Plans of Land -- a small but useful collection of various plots 

Title Deeds to state-owned property 

Miscellaneous (indexes in Archives Reference Room)
    Roll Files
    Flat Files 

New Hampshire Provincial and State Papers,
40 volumes (c.1625-c.1793 [published 1864-1942] 

Index to Laws of New Hampshire, to 1883 

Index to Council Records 

Records of the Executive Council 

Patten Papers, c.1737-1819, at the Supreme Court Law Library on Noble Drive in Concord. Matthew and David Patten were surveyors in the Bedford area. 

Land Surveying Terms      N.H. Bar Title Standards 

N.H. Land Surveyors Association      N.H. Board of Land Surveyors