1/10/2014  Final Order 
10/23/13  Order Motion for Partial Stay 
10/7/13  Appellants' Motion for Partial Stay 
9/26/2013  Appellee's Brief 
8/12/2013  Appellant's Brief 
6/27/2013  Supreme Court Orders - Appeal of LGC 
4/15/2013  BSR Objection to Proposed Intervenors Motion to Stay 
4/5/2013   Towns Motion for Stay 
3/22/2013  Towns Memo Regarding Whether Remand Necessary 
3/22/2013   LGC Brief Memo Re Remand 
3/22/2013  BSR Memo on Questions Presented by Court Regarding Remand 
3/8/2013  Request from N.H. Supreme Court 
1/14/2013  Petition to Intervene 
12/3/2012  Notice - N.H. Supreme Court 
11/14/2012  Acceptance of Appeal 
11/13/2012  Order Motion for Stay Denied 
11/1/2012  LGC Assented to Motion for Leave 
10/25/2012  BSR Objection to Motion to Stay 
10/25/2012  BSR Motion to Recuse 
10/15/2012  LGC Motion for Stay Pending Appeal
    Attachments:    Appendix 1
                             Appendix 2
                             Appendix 3
10/15/2012  LGC Appeal by Petition
    Attachment:    Appendix FULL