Lew K. Perley Survey Index

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    Lew K. Perley Survey Fieldbook Index (1914 - 1961) 

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    Lew K. Perley was a civil engineer and land surveyor in Laconia, N.H.  The first entry in his fieldbooks was on March 16, 1914 and the final entry was in 1961 - 47 years in the career.  During that time, Perley was a respected professional whose knowledge of property boundaries and legal rights grew vast.  He died in Laconia on August 8, 1969.

    Gordon Ainsworth Associates, an engineering firm with an office in Littleton, purchased the records and shortly thereafter, donated them to the New Hampshire State Archives.  The plans and tracings are presently indexed in three index card drawers:  (1) arranged by town, (2) by street name and (3) by client (usually the land owner).  These have not yet been entered on a database, and they can not be listed here until that happens.

    This is an index of only his fieldbooks.  The entries are sorted by town and then by client name.  The index needs to be broken down into smaller files for manageability.  Besides examing the entries under the application town, the user should also check the entries for which Perley didn't list a location.  These are found at the beginning of the first section.

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