Notice of the Director



    Bureau of Securities Regulation 

    Department of State 

    In RE:                                                            )
    RULE 506 FILINGS AND ISSUER          )                                       NOTICE 
    DEALER NOTICE FILING                         ) 


    Pursuant to Chapter 194 of the Laws of 2001, effective July 1, 2001, applicants for issuer dealer and issuer dealer agent licenses for an offering of securities made pursuant to section 18(b)(4)(D) of the Securities Act of 1933 that requires only a notice filing in this state pursuant to RSA 421-B:11, I-a(e), shall file an application with the following information:  

    1.  (a)  the name of the issuer, 
    (b)  the state of the issuer's formation, 
    (c)  a description of the securities sold, 
    (d)  the date of first sale of such securities in this state, 
    (e)  the name or names of the representative or representatives of the issuer who are engaged in the sale of
          the securities, and 
    (f)  confirmation that no agent has been convicted of a felony.

    2.  The applications shall be signed by that person or those persons who are authorized to do so by the issuer's board of directors or other governing body.
    3.  At the same time, the issuer shall submit a consent to service of process pursuant to RSA 421-B:30, VII and shall pay the fees required by RSA 421-B:31.
    4.  Until such time as an application form is adopted by the Secretary of State, any document containing the information required by Chapter 194 of the Laws of 2001 shall be accepted as a valid application.