New Hampshire Municipal Records Board

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    The N.H. Municipal Records Board holds its authority under RSA 33-A.  the New Hampshire General Court made provisions for the disposal of obsolete local records in 1967 (chapter 105).  In 1977 (Chapter 358), the Legislature created the Municipal Records Board for the purpose of creating rules to update the list of disposable records. 

    In 1995, the Board issued a list of retention schedules which expired in August 2003.  The board asked for an extension, which was approved through December 2004.  Between 2001 and 2005, the Board undertook a comprehensive review of the 1995 schedules and prepared a major overhaul, attempting to clarify existing schedules, evaluate and approve new schedules recommended by local officials and finally, to codify the schedules in the statutes once again.  House Bill 437 (Chapter 187) of the 2005 Session was passed and signed into law on June 20, 2005 and became effective on August 29, 2005. 

    N.H. Municipal Records Board Statute 

    Outline of Issues Relating to Electronic Records 

    Technical Issues Regarding Management of Electronic Records 

    Managing Government Records Into The Future
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    Managing Government Records Into the Future
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     Members of the Municipal Records Board 

    • Honorable William Gardner, Chair (Secretary of State)
    • [vacant] (New Hampshire Historical Society)
    • Brian Nelson Burford, Secretary (State Archivist)
    • Michael York (State Librarian)
    • Kathleen Sylvia, Auburn (NH Tax Collectors' Association)
    • Patricia Tucker, Ashland (NH City and Town Clerks' Association)
    • Donna Langely, Dover (Association of NH Assessors)
    • Stephen Wurtz (State Registrar of Vital Records)
    • Mary Walter, Claremont (Municipal Treasurer appointed by the director of NH Municipal Association)
    • [vacant] (Appointed by Governor and Council)
    • [vacant] (Association of NH Historical Societies)
    • [vacant] (Department of Revenue Administration)
    • [vacant] (State Records Manager)