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    [2018 registrations terminate on December 31, 2018]  

    Lobbyists registered for 2017 legislative session
    (2017 registrations terminate on December 31, 2017)

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    Statement of Income and Expenses  (2018 See excerpt of RSA 15 below)
    Statement of Income and Expenses for Lobbyists registered for 2017 legislative session
    Addendum A (You must file this if you have received fees or made expenditures)
    Addendum B (You must file this if you have paid an honorarium or have reimbursed expenses)
    Addendum C (You must file this if you, your firm or your family has made political contributions)

    Signature form for associated lobbyists


    Lobbyist Monthly Statement of Income and Expenses
    (RSA Chapter 15)  

    Each lobbyist shall file with the Secretary of State itemized statements under oath of all fees received from any lobbying client that are related, directly or indirectly, to lobbying, such as public advocacy, government relations, or public relations services including research, monitoring legislation, and related legal work.  RSA 15:6, I(a).  The statement shall also include all expenditures made from lobbying fees, including by whom paid or to whom charged, any honorarium or expense reimbursement, as defined in RSA 15-B, or political contribution, as defined in RSA 664, made by the lobbyist in his or her professional or personal capacity, on behalf of the lobbyist, the partnership, firm, or corporation, or by the lobbyist on behalf of the client or employer or by a family member of the lobbyist.  Family member shall mean any person related to and living in the same domicile as the lobbyist, who share a common economic interest in the expenses of daily living, including, but not limited to a spouse, child, or parents. RSA 15:6, I(b) and (c).

    The last statement due for lobbyists who were registered for the 2017 session is January 31, 2018 Statements for lobbyists registered for the 2018 legislative session shall be filed no later than the last Wednesday of April (April 25. 2018), July (July 25, 2018), October (October 31, 2018) and January (January 30, 2019) and will cover all fees received and expenditures, contributions, honorariums, or expense reimbursements made since the last required filing, from fees received at any time from a lobbying client or employer or from funds otherwise provided by the lobbyist, partnership, firm, or corporation, or from the client or employer. RSA 15:5, II.

    A separate statement shall be filed by a lobbyist for each client for whom there has been reportable transactions.  A separate statement may be filed for transactions which have been made by the lobbyist or lobbying partnership, firm, or corporation which are unrelated to any specific client, for example reporting a political contribution made by a lobbyist family member.  If there has been no change to the aggregate year to date income reported on the last statement filed and there have been no other reportable transactions relative to a particular client or by the lobbyist/lobbyist firm unrelated to any client, an abbreviated report (summary page only) may be filed in lieu of a full statement.

    Lobbyist Employment Restrictions - RSA 21-G:26