Exceptions from the Definition of Agent

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    No fee is required and there are no examination requirements. 

    1. For a detail of all exceptions from the definition of "agent" see RSA 421-B:1-102.  There is, however, one exception that requires a filing with the Bureau and authorization by the director of Securities Regulation that can be used by certain officers and directors of an issuer to allow them to offer a particular issuer's securities without being an agent by definition and having to obtain an agent's license.  The exception applies to individuals who are....

      Effecting other transactions, if such individual is an officer or director of the issuer, no commission or other remuneration is paid or given directly or indirectly for soliciting any person in this state and upon application, such individual is specifically authorized by name in an order issued by the Secretary of State.
    2. To obtain such authorization, submit a letter of request directly to the Bureau.  There is no fee.  The Bureau will confirm the authorization in writing.
    3. Effective July 13, 2001, the previously required Form U-4 is no longer required.
    4. Under RSA 421-B:4-402(b)(2) an application is not required for officers or directors effecting transactions under RSA 421-B:3-302.