Civil War Research

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    The following information is available: 
    1.  Enlistment Cards 
    2.  Enlistment Papers [separate sets for officers] 
    3.  Augustus Aylin'gs Soldiers & Sailors 
    4.  Muster-in/Muster-out Rolls [by regiment] 
    5.  State financial aid [filed by town in separate collection] 
    6.  Wounded and Death Lists 
    7.  Governor's Papers for Civil War era 
    8.  Index to Executive Council Minutes 
    9.  County Court records index [if in Rockingham or Merrimack counties] 
    10.  Miscellaneous papers (Secretary of State) 
    11.  Civil War Centennial Papers [in file cabinet in vault] 

    American Civil War Homepage 

    The students at Enriching Kids strongly recommend researchers visit Military Facts - U.S. Civil War Facts Sheets