About the Bureau

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    Mission Statement 

    The two-fold mission of the Bureau of Securities Regulation is to provide equitable regulation for the protection of New Hampshire Investors while facilitating responsible capital formation in the state.

    The Bureau licenses securities brokers, broker agents, investment advisers and investment adviser agents and professional bail bondsmen.  In addition, it registers certain securities and approves exemptions from registration in other cases.  The Bureau also investigates complaints about licensees and may take administrative or legal action against persons who violate the New Hampshire securities law.


    Atty. Barry J. Glennon

    Atty. Jeffrey D. Spill
    Deputy Director

    Atty. Kevin Moquin
    Senior Staff Attorney/Field Audit Communications



    Atty. Eric Forcier

    Atty. Adrian Larochelle

    Carvel Tefft
    Senior Auditor


    Kevin Bannon
    Forensic Accountant

    Lydea Irwin

    Heather D. Syphers
    Securities Examiner

    Michelle Bourgeois
    Administrative Secretary

    Linda Elkins
    Securities Examiner

    Thomas Boulter
    Investor Education Coordinator



    Mailing Address
    Bureau of Securities Regulation
    State House, Room 204
    107 North Main Street
    Concord, NH  03301-4989
    State House Annex, 3rd Floor
    25 Capitol Street, Suite 317A
    Concord, NH  03301
    (603) 271-1463