2014 Ballots Cast and Names on Checklist - Primary Election


    Secretary of State
    Voter Turnout Summary
    New Hampshire Primary, September 9, 2014  

     On the day of the primary, September 9, 2014, there were 862,471 registered voters in New Hampshire. Of that number, 165,459 voters cast ballots reflecting a turnout of 19.18% of all registered voters.   

    On that day there were 121,454 Republican ballots cast which is the third highest number of votes cast in a Republican Primary.   

     In contrast, there were 43,359 ballots cast in the Democratic Primary. This represents a ratio of 2.8 Republican ballots cast for every Democratic ballot cast. One must go back to 1962 to see a primary with a higher ratio of Republican to Democratic ballots.   

    Turnout is driven by a number of factors. The most important being the number of contested races on the ballot and the intensity of those contests.   

                                                                                         Bill Gardner   


  • The results are compiled from the numbers reported by the towns and cities.




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