Constitutional Amendment Questions


    Following are the questions submitted to the qualified voters of New Hampshire on November 3, 1998, together with the votes on each question: 


    (Questions Proposed by the 1997 General Court) 


    Question 1:  Are you in favor of amending the constitution to provide that the minimum age requirement for state senator shall be changed from 30 to 25 years of age?  (Passed by the N.H. House 323 Yes 29 No; Passed by State Senate 15 Yes 6 No) CACR22 


                                        Yes      119,104                       No       169,439 


    Question 2:  Are you in favor of amending the constitution to make it more inclusive by changing specific references to the governor and other people to gender neutral terms? (Passed by the N.H. House 303 Yes 26 No; Passed by State Senate 24 Yes 0 No) CACR18 


                                        Yes      159,308                       No       121,441 



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